RoS's DM Protection VS DM Spell (in General)

Limbert Amberstam May 5 2006 12:21 AM EDT

Ok here is my question.

The RoS has an element in it that protects against a DM spell. The first part of my question is what percentage of the level of the RoS is used as protection against a DM spell; and does it change with the number of minions in the team? I am assuming that it starts at 50% for one minion, although this information is not listed in the help section. If that is so then the RoS used in the following example would have to be at 100k.

Second part of the question when the protection is applied to a minion and a DM spell is cast at approximately the same level (i.e. RoS protection = 50k DM spell = 50k) how much of the DM spell is blocked?

I was wondering if it functioned in the same manner as an AMF in that at equal levels AMF blocks 50% of the damage dealt from a DD spell? If so then does the RoS's protection from DM provide complete protection when its level is twice that of the DM spell in question?



Dudley Dotson May 5 2006 3:15 AM EDT

Yes, I believe so.

Dark Dreky May 5 2006 3:31 PM EDT

Yeah. RoS Protection vs. DM is 50% of its level, which is a bit high I think. I feel like 25% would be more fair. Considering DM doesn't work against AMF, and its almost a waste to train DM on mages with the recent influx of RoS Tank teams.

QBsutekh137 May 5 2006 3:45 PM EDT

Some of us think DM on mages was always a waste. :P
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