Armor Bonus Bug (in General)

Colonel Custard May 7 2006 6:07 PM EDT

So Combat Gis are supposed to give a +10 bonus to Unarmed Combat skill level. However, I equipped mine to a minion on which I had just trained UC, and he stayed with his 0 skill level. I tried unequipping and reequipping and refereshing the page, and it stays at 0. I thought that maybe my minion had to have at least 1 UC skill point to begin with for it to add levels, so I tried to train it up more. I've trained the Unarmed Combat on that minion to 300, but the number in parentheses is still 0 and the Gi won't add anything. Does anyone know what level UC has to be at to gain a point?

My other minions on that character have Phantom Link on them. Someone I know suggested that those other minions might be sucking away the Unarmed Combat skill as a side-effect of having Phantom Link, though that doesn't sound likely to me. Anyone who knows about this, please help.

th00p May 7 2006 6:20 PM EDT

Unarmed Combat: 10,164/50 (9)

This is with base UC and a base GI.
I see no problem with mine...

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 7 2006 6:40 PM EDT

other items are giving a minus to your UC, read the magnificent wiki/help for more information.

Colonel Custard May 7 2006 10:48 PM EDT

OH! Thanks, novice. I totally forgot that leathers penalize UC. I was thinking that leathers were penalty-less, but I guess that's only for Magic/DX penalties. Thanks for pointing that out.
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