Funniest Chat Conversation Contest (in Contests)

Genie May 8 2006 5:53 PM EDT

Don't Post Any If Anyone In The Chat Has Been Un-PG OR Edit It.

Entry Fee: 10k (you can only post one time.) Donations Accepted.

Send To: Funniest Conversation

Best Entry wins 100k + Entry Fees.


<giant_solifuge> which is better?:38x8(+8) or 56x9(+8)?
< [davis]Al_CaPwn> second giant_solifuge k
<OB's_Genie> second, definantly.
<OB's_Genie> in every way. ;)
<Mikel> is it 1h or 2 h?
<OB's_Genie> giant, i'll sell you a katana
< kevinLeong> um...
<Mikel> and do you use a Shield with that?
<kevinLeong> yeah depends on if you can sacrifice DX
<OB's_Genie> look at Mikel being all smart with CB.. :P
<Mikel> What's CB?
gooey_elbows has joined the room.
<giant_solifuge> Carnage blender

Haha, Mikel not knowing what CB is.. :P

Mikel and I will be the judges.

Have Fun! and remember to always keep funny chats you see. (maybe I could start running this once a month with bigger pots if this one turns out good.)

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] May 8 2006 6:13 PM EDT

when is the deadline?

[me]Davis May 8 2006 6:14 PM EDT

<cbLoans(DD)> its weird seeing a bunch of newbies helping other newbies
<cbLoans(DD)> chills my spine
<cbLoans(DD)> cracked open my knuckles on a punching bag
<cbLoans(DD)> and my cousin cracked open his knuckles on this guys skull
<PrettySyn> worst i got was " I failed my math final and have to take trig during summer again"
<th00p_Dotson> Rofl!!!!
<PrettySyn> i mean i've had some wierd people " i was doing drugs and ended up with a indecent exposure charge by my chem teacher.. how do i go about fixing this"
<[davis]Al_CaPwn> PG
<OB's_Genie> lol Pretty.
<OB's_Genie> it was PG Davis.
<[davis]Al_CaPwn> idk, you basically said you flashed your teacher
<cbLoans(DD)> not her
<PrettySyn> wasn't me!
<cbLoans(DD)> someone else :P
<PrettySyn> one of the guys i peer counslor
<kevinLeong> what were you looking for your contest earlier OBG?
<PrettySyn> all he had to do was talk to the dean to change teachers lol
<''My_Love''_Lukey> man, I could really go for some cookies right now... mmmmm, CB.... chocolate butter scotch ice cream....
<drudge> remember that cereal called cookie crisp?
<Dudley_Dotson> cooooooookie crisp!
<''My_Love''_Lukey> hahahaha
<PrettySyn> cookie crisp, and chocolate lucky charms
<Dudley_Dotson> o.O cadbury fruit&nut chocolate :)
<''My_Love''_Lukey> Ni Hao Shinji!!!!!
<drudge> what about that cereal sugar smacks or something
<drudge> yo shinji!
<PrettySyn> hi shinji
<Shinji> >>
<Shinji> <<
<Shinji> yo
<Shinji> were
<OB's_Genie> evil spam..
<cbLoans(DD)> you just never see him and less lines please shin
<velvetpickle> atleast the top was the same "net"
<PrettySyn> shinji sounds so ninja-ish
<cbLoans(DD)> eww smelly pickle trix are for kids
<PrettySyn> "kungfu fighting hoo haa was fast as lightning ho oo haa"

Genie May 8 2006 6:20 PM EDT

Thanks for pointing that out Hakai..

Deadline is Saturday at 6:00P.M. Server time, then Mikel and I will judge and have the Results in As soon as possible.

QBPit Spawn [Abyssal Specters] May 8 2006 6:26 PM EDT

Vaynard has joined the room.
<Vaynard> anybody wanna go to carnage and boot a spammer?
<{cb1}PitSpawn> ok
SNK3R left the room.
bartjan left the room.
Vaynard left the room.
{cb1}PitSpawn left the room.
<Destitute_Turnip> Hehe
<Destitute_Turnip> So many ops leave :P
<G_Beee> I'll stay :)
<Destitute_Turnip> Good :D
<Foolio> lol
{cb1}PitSpawn has joined the room.
- new players: server grants op status to {cb1}PitSpawn
<Destitute_Turnip> Welcome back Pit :)
<{cb1}PitSpawn> spammer in carnage, must have said 2 lines *grins*

[SNK3R Edit: Fixed format of post.]

[me]Davis May 8 2006 6:35 PM EDT

<cbLoans(DD)> shadowking likes th00p :)
<cbLoans(DD)> i told th00p he said so i guess he's convince shadows a girl

this doesn't count but it made me laugh :D

QBPit Spawn [Abyssal Specters] May 8 2006 6:39 PM EDT

sorry for the messed up post, ill try to get ahold of an admin. note to everyone, dont use html mode ;)

Genie May 8 2006 7:06 PM EDT

haha. thanks for letting people know that Pit. :P and Davis, that was the dumbest thing i've ever heard. :P

SNK3R May 8 2006 10:36 PM EDT

If you're going to use HTML mode and you need to use the NoSpellCheck tag, change all of your <'s to &#60; and >'s to &#62;.

Genie May 8 2006 10:52 PM EDT

Thanks for fixing that SNK. Very funny Pit. :P c'mon people. we need more. lol

AdminG Beee May 9 2006 12:19 AM EDT

Not that I'm suggesting your contest is lame, but here's a little reminder seeing as you forgot to mention it and may have indeed forgotten it exists :)

Policy: To remove the motivation for lame "contests" designed to benefit only their authors, any profit generated by a contest must be sent to Central Bank.

Genie May 9 2006 12:24 AM EDT

Best Entry wins 100k + Entry Fees.

That's is no one donates to it. if anyone does they get the donations also.

The person that Mikel and I pick as the winner gets all the money that is sent to the character "Funniest Conversation" this isn't helping me in any way. seeing as i am also donating 100k to it.

AdminG Beee May 9 2006 12:25 AM EDT

5:00am in the morning, up late, and then again early working. I really should have considered that my reading comprehension was likely to be screwy. Heh... sorry.

Genie May 9 2006 9:43 PM EDT

doesn't anyone have anything funny from chat!?

SuiteStuff [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] May 9 2006 10:19 PM EDT

i did earlier but didnt save it...let me see if its saved in the java console!

SuiteStuff [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] May 9 2006 10:22 PM EDT

oh man its not there...but it was me yelling at a multi who i kept thinking the 2 sn's were the same when they weren't and than was totally confused

Genie May 9 2006 11:43 PM EDT

haha. keep looking. i've seen atleast 30+ good things to enter. but no one is entering any.. :(

maulaxe May 10 2006 1:14 PM EDT

does this have to be from CB chat?

LayWaste-[bA May 10 2006 3:37 PM EDT

<someone> There he is!
<Bast> Their*

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] May 10 2006 3:56 PM EDT

Pft. The asterisk is backward. That's not me. :P

SuiteStuff [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] May 10 2006 4:04 PM EDT

<''My_Love''_Lukey> Vanilla Ice Ice Baby!
* {Im_BaCk}R3d_Dra90N doesnt think Lukey knows whats good for him
<''My_Love''_Lukey> =D
* PitSpawn_Dotson puts headphones on
<{cb2}edyit> you think that chocalate hurt wait till we all show up at your door :)
<PitSpawn_Dotson- chocolate and feather him!
<{cb2}edyit> haha
<'My_Love''_Lukey> :p
<{Im_BaCk}R3d_Dra90N> and than we are going to throw you in a pit of pittbulls
<'My_Love''_Lukey> pit, I dare you to kick me
<''My_Love''_Lukey> oooOoooo
cbLoans(DD) has joined the room.
* PitSpawn_Dotson kicks lukey in the shins
<cbLoans(DD)> hey
<''My_Love''_Lukey> :p
<PitSpawn_Dotson> hey dd
Roughneck has joined the room.
<cbLoans(DD)> what was going on with cb earlier
<{cb2}edyit> remember its not abuse of power if you ask him to do it
<PitSpawn_Dotson> and hey rough
* {Im_BaCk}R3d_Dra90N kicks ''My_Love''_Lukey out of the room Carnage
<{cb2}edyit> hey dd wb rough
<''My_Love''_Lukey> Pit, please kick me! I beg you to!
<PitSpawn_Dotson> actually, i can kill him for that, thall shalt not temp the Pit
<''My_Love''_Lukey> :p
<{cb2}edyit> fear the wrath of pit :)
<{Im_BaCk}R3d_Dra90N> oooo a kill
* cbLoans(DD) has been killed by pit
<''My_Love''_Lukey> such power
<'My_Love''_Lukey> I have never been killed, in cb1 or cb2
EBS has joined the room.
<{Im_BaCk}R3d_Dra90N> Enigma Racing defeated Luker after 1 rounds of combat...i beg to differ...just kille dyou
<''My_Love''_Lukey> :p
<Roughneck> hello edyit and Pit
Roughneck left the room.
<{Im_BaCk}R3d_Dra90N> did he mean to say bye?
<{cb2}edyit> maybe

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] May 12 2006 9:47 AM EDT

See if you can spot: the gender bender, the multi potential, the "yo", the "I need pictures", and the inability to use chat commands. ;)

(Azn)_Paladin_(Azn) has joined the room.
- new players: Congratulations on finishing the tutorial, (Azn)_Paladin_(Azn)!
[Bast] Hi there, Paladin.
[(Azn)_Paladin_(Azn)] wiat no pictures?
[Bast] Pictures of what?
[(Azn)_Paladin_(Azn)] aww its a text game
[Bast] Yes, a game for people who can read.
[(Azn)_Paladin_(Azn)] do u know anyone by the name of Steve?
[babbler] there are pictures
[(Azn)_Paladin_(Azn)] where i don't see
[babbler] fight someone who uploaded one
[(Azn)_Paladin_(Azn)] whats upload
[(Azn)_Paladin_(Azn)] nvm i see one. =(
[(Azn)_Paladin_(Azn)] wheres steve
[(Azn)_Paladin_(Azn)] he told me he would teach me
[babbler] did he give you his characters name?
[Bast] Perhaps you should ask Steve what name he's going by here.
[(Azn)_Paladin_(Azn)] sp sandy.
[(Azn)_Paladin_(Azn)] is he on?
[Bast] Sandy has been claiming to be a girl for quite some time now.
[babbler] logged off at 9:04 Est
[(Azn)_Paladin_(Azn)] hes a girl omg HHhahah
[babbler] yes that is true heh
[babbler] how well do you know steve?
[babbler] ;)
[(Azn)_Paladin_(Azn)] hes my classmate he said that he plays this all day.
[Bast] He does, though not particularly well.
[babbler] maybe this explains the accidental multi?
[(Azn)_Paladin_(Azn)] aww can u teach me then
[Bast] Did you not just go through the tutorial?
[Bast] What can we help you with?
[(Azn)_Paladin_(Azn)] it said to train dx, str, and hp do i just train keep training them?
[Bast] If you wish to continue having that tank, absolutely.
[(Azn)_Paladin_(Azn)] idk how do u find people first
[Bast] Find people?
[(Azn)_Paladin_(Azn)] tank? o this is modern warfare
[Bast] No.
[Bast] Classes of team: mage, tank, enchanter, wall, etc.
[babbler] there is a search by user link on your left
[(Azn)_Paladin_(Azn)] could u be more specific plz?
[Bast] A tank fights physically, with weapons and strength and dexterity.
[babbler] a tank fights with weapons a mage fights will spells
[Bast] A mage fights with magic, spells.
babbler left the room.
[Bast] An enchanter is added to assist either a mage or a tank with enchantments.
[(Azn)_Paladin_(Azn)] i'm going to go find steve
[Bast] You can look through the Help, top left, for all the necessary information. :)
[(Azn)_Paladin_(Azn)] u part of wikipedia?
[Bast] U?
[(Azn)_Paladin_(Azn)] well it says wiki.
[Bast] The help is in Wiki format, yes.
[(Azn)_Paladin_(Azn)] ok.. so has sandy logged on yet?
Vaimyn left the room.
[Bast] Go up to the top left, click on search by user. When you get the box, input Sandy and find out.
[(Azn)_Paladin_(Azn)] ew he likes ms
[(Azn)_Paladin_(Azn)] yo how do i go to different room. Sandy says to go to room you
[Bast] type /join you
[(Azn)_Paladin_(Azn)] k /join you
[Bast] Try again without the k
[(Azn)_Paladin_(Azn)] /join you
[Bast] Do not put a space before it.
[(Azn)_Paladin_(Azn)] left the room.

*given that the spellchecker is as unimpressed as I am with "Azn" as a modifier of anything, I had to nospellcheck the whole thing, which (in HTML mode) causes all the names to disappear. I've replaced all the "arrows" with [ ] for readability.

[me]Davis May 12 2006 4:06 PM EDT

hahaha bast wins hands down

Genie May 12 2006 4:51 PM EDT

Haha Bast. very funny. :)

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] May 13 2006 2:12 AM EDT

<Wolf Soul_(G W)> sense I can't argue with you in the room I will do it here
<Wolf Soul_(G W)> Basically you are just as stupid as I am and you get respected.
<Wolf Soul_(G W)> I do not.
=> Wolf Soul_(G W) bart kicked you not me
<Wolf Soul_(GW)> I know
=> Wolf Soul_(G W) ...then why me tard....
<Wolf Soul_(G W)> I am not saying this because of the kick.
<Wolf Soul_(G W)> I am saying it because it is true and you seem to think the reason you get op is something else
=> Wolf Soul_(G W) do tell
<Wolf Soul_(G W)> Basically you get opped because you are charismatic. But I hate people with your kind of charisma. If people do not worship you, you treat them badly. You are the kind of person who could do alot of good things for this game if you wanted
<Wolf Soul_(G W)> But you dont and thats why I hate you so much.
=> Wolf Soul_(G W) and have if you didn't notice
<Wolf Soul_(G W)> could do alot MORE
=> Wolf Soul_(G W) tsk tsk young blood....notice the ppl that do like me are usually of voting age ;)
=> Wolf Soul_(G W) anyways I stopped the handouts because cb2 is more competitive, get over it
<Wolf Soul_(G W)> Gun half the people that "like" you are idiots. I am not saying all but it is true. Maybe you were a nicer person at one time. Maybe it is because you have played so long. But like I said Gun. You are charismatic and will always be liked
<Wolf Soul_(G W)> Basically Gun your interests came first?
=> WolfSoul_(G W) not till a year ago but sure
<Wolf Soul_(G W)> Thats the difference between you and me I think.
=> Wolf Soul_(G W) no that's what makes us the same
<Wolf Soul_(G W)> Gun if you truly believe I do not care about the people around me you are not half as smart as I give you credit for
=> Wolf Soul_(G W) send credit to Briggs
<Wolf Soul_(G W)> Gun... I wish you a good life. Maybe in RL you are a better person to people who are different from you. I hope so
=> Wolf Soul_(G W) but we are the same bro!
<Wolf Soul_(G W)> No, we aren't
<Wolf Soul_(G W)> You know, you use sarcasm too much
<DarthToka> That sound must be wolf slurping your *back area*...
=> Wolf Soul_(G W) yeah, cool huh :)
<Wolf Soul_(G W)> makes it hard to understand you
=> Wolf Soul_(G W) not if so constant
<Wolf Soul_(G W)> Gun.... Let me know if you ever want to try again.
=> Wolf Soul_(G W) try what bro? getting credit?
<Wolf Soul_(G W)> just if you ever want to try again let me know
--After this G W went to chat offering his VB, sent to ranger with hugs and mucho kisses. The mentioning of my greed was out of guilt.
=> DarthToka you have no idea right now lol
=> DarthToka <Wolf Soul_(G W)> Gun half the people that "like" you are idiots. I am not saying all but it is true. Maybe you were a nicer person at one time. Maybe it is because you have played so long. But like I said Gun. You are charismatic and will always be liked
<auctioneer> [mail:] Your bid won the auction for A Katana [74x2] (+2).
<DarthToka> hell, i'd burn one with ya, but i'm an idiot. Maybe if you were a nicer person...
=> DarthToka I'm c&p'ing the whole thing tho the last one was better
<DarthToka> well at least he'll tell you how to better yourself. heh
=> DarthToka sadly no self help in there
Let it be known the one below had been refeshing for slightly more than 2 days.
=> Seitori Please Right Click -- Refresh or Reload frame instead of browser refresh, otherwise you will spam chat. Refresh and Home links on left frame work too.
<Seitori> please dont spam my priv msg
<Seitori> i got dced not refreshed
=> Seitori lol it's cm and pm not spam, been doing this for a long time and know most ppl don't look ;)
<Seitori> i look
=> Seitori obviously
<Seitori> and its pm, so dont spam
<Seitori> i dont refresh, my inet connection is crazy today
=> Seitori how dare you excuse me of spam hehe
<Seitori> how dare you write on my cm/pm with refresh when im angry at my inet connection
<Seitori> i can give you email to my inet admin, he is responsible for those dces:/
=> Seitori what is this the 3rd time you told me of the connection, now who's spamming? ;p
<Seitori> still you
<Seitori> i changed words, and you repeated same thing:P
=> Seitori which admin here or your provider?
<Seitori> provider >.>
=> Seitori good now your being reasonable ;)
<Seitori> huh?
<Seitori> who else would be responsible of my inet?:P
=> Seitori you
<Seitori> your crazy:P
=> Seitori and you accuse me of spam when was mearly a way to deal with refreshing newbs
=> Seitori some don't put cms to pm ya kno ;)
<Seitori> you could just say sorry, i didnt know your not refreshing, but its too hard, right?
=> Seitori sorry? ok you lost reason again
<Seitori> today is a crazy day for me, thanks to this pm (:PPP ) i was able to contact a friend nothing else worked;P
<Seitori> no you lost reason
=> Seitori blame the day eh
<Seitori> when spamming about resfreshing when i have dcs is annoying
=> Seitori spamming? sigh... was only 1 pm and 1 cm
<Seitori> but i had few dcs... so 3+ msgs about stupid refresh thingy
=> Seitori yeah ok then why didn't you write back :P
<Seitori> and that was like more than my pm window;P
=> Seitori this is a first so you are the one to blame over not responding
<Seitori> i wrote back, thats why we are talking;P
<Seitori> no you are to blame
=> Seitori ugh you child
<Seitori> same

Have better but as G *didn't* pointed out this contest is lame. Plus I love being the bad guy in these.

Mandy [Journey] May 13 2006 3:26 AM EDT

Bast or Gun...Owi. The "Steve" thing was funny! Oh yeah the newb was kinda cool too..
As for Gun, You are always the bad guy but your everything is okay :)

Drakon(DS) [Guardian Bros Inc] May 13 2006 4:45 AM EDT

i have a few to post but it doesnt seem to let me hmm...

QBOddBird May 13 2006 8:51 AM EDT

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] May 13 2006 10:20 AM EDT

OB wins, you can tell I was on a slow roll that night. ;)

Genie May 13 2006 12:54 PM EDT

funny OB. long but still funny. even the second time. :P i wish you could've made it shorter since it is so long.. contest ends 6:00P.M. Server time.

Blarg May 13 2006 1:08 PM EDT

I still love you gun. You may be the bad guy but I love you anyway. Your endless sarcasm is an eternal brightening to my day. *hug*

Genie May 13 2006 8:06 PM EDT

sorry i wasn't here at 6:00 i had to go to my grandparents house.. lol.
Ok. Mikel and I will judge the contest and get the Results in as soon as we can.

Genie May 14 2006 1:01 AM EDT

The Results are In!

We Have 3 Winners Ordered From First To Third:

Bast came in first, winning 150k!

Oddbird came in second, winning 100k.

PitSpawn Came in third, winning 50k.

Judged By: Mikel and OB's Genie with a Tie breaker Judge: SNK3R

Thanks to all who participated.

Money will be sent now.

Genie May 14 2006 1:07 AM EDT

OB's Genie(Funniest Conversation) QBBast (Dixie Cousins) $150000 1:02 AM EDT

OB's Genie(Funniest Conversation) [OB]OddBird (Cowfish) $100000 1:02 AM EDT

OB's Genie(Funniest Conversation) PitSpawn Dotson
(Spirit Of The Night) $50000 1:03 AM EDT

Congratulations to the winners! you are now richer than you once were. :)

Genie May 14 2006 11:55 PM EDT

We will have another Funniest Chat Conversation Contest From: June 1st-7th!

Save all the funny chats you have!

It can be from CB chat, PM, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Another Game, anywhere at all!

There will be a 10k entrance fee and donations will be accepted.

You can Send Donations starting May 20th
Because I accidently Retired the character just wait until may 20th.

If I have my debts cleared fully by the contest start, then i can donate all i make during the contest I will donate 100k for sure though.
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