Strat talk and suggestion for a spell (in General)

Moddin May 12 2006 7:14 AM EDT

This will be a little longer but i am trying to make it understandable.
Please keep in mind that i am not from an English language area.

I encountered a problem while testing a strategy.
Perhaps a new strategy but i dont know that for fact.
I made a single minion wall character. Dont laugh...
This is possible with phantom link and a familiar.
( see my character Ruepel Modrich for example )

Basically i searched a cheap strategy to train my familiar.
I do believe it would work better with a Steel familiar but i already had my Jig to try it.
The advantage is similar to the famous "Fireball + Tattoo of Endurance" Strategy.
You dont need to buy equipment, i mean you can but it works fine without. In my opinion this is a good way to make money.
But i wanted to do something different than that. The game pretty much evolved
from cb to "how to beat the FB-mage or how to be the FB-mage".
This is because its an easy and good working strat so why dont use it.

My PhantomLink-Wall-Familiar strategy works OK i guess. It is not super but you can get along with it.

So now the problem:
As you can imagine if you observe Jigs the damage dealt by them is not that big.
My fights usually last many rounds and i have a lot of stalemates.
This is mainly because the Jig does too less damage.
Especially if the enemy has high AC or Endurance.

So i began to think about what can be done to counter that.
I think cb is pretty balanced. Thats good! Everything has its counters.
There is now Ultimate Strategy.
Well, perhaps there is but i have not seen it yet.

So basically there are two methods against AC/Endurance/Protection:
If you know other ways the rest of this is crap and please tell me!

Now i am turning away from my strat to more general thinking.

Vorpal Blade
Not everyone can own a Vorpal Blade, thats logical because its a supporter item.

Making more Damage is a more complex issue.

A mage must train more XP in his spell and hope that this is enough.
(Sure you can use Alatar Gloves but they boost your PR as well...)

For physical damage you need more strength and better weapons.
So now comes a "bold statement" :
STR is not enough.
To make the needed amount of damage you need good Weapons, too.
Not every player can afford a rare 20 Mill. Weapon.

So here comes my suggestion:
An enchant offense spell with an effect similar to that of the Vorpal Blade.
It reduces the Defense of the enemy on a % basis.
It would be like Vampiric Aura and Blade of Thuringwethil or Morgul Hammer
Reduce Defense and Vorpal Blade. There could also be a two handed Version ...

I know these suggestion are dangerous because its easy to destroy the balance in the game.
Anyway, we can discuss it.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] May 12 2006 7:21 AM EDT

If AC/Endurance/Protection is causing you problems, you could consider DM to remove Protection, or Decay. It's damage is not mitigated by the above three.


QBJohnnywas May 12 2006 12:56 PM EDT

There is another way for you to increase the damage your Jig does. Train Haste instead of protection on your enchanter. While the damage output per strike may be low if you are hitting more times per round you are increasing your damage....

I would train VA though if I was running your team. Surviving longer gives a similar effect to hitting more often.

chelon May 13 2006 1:52 AM EDT

i suggest you use a 2 or 3 minions team EWT. Your current team your so call wall have only 50s AC which is too low to make your high hp worthwhile.. with a 2 minions team u can have E T or E W or 3 minions with E W(high ac hp) T(vorpal blade)..however since your main dd is melee u still gonna suffer when against high dx with db tank chance are u wont land more than 10hits in 25 rounds of combat.

Moddin May 13 2006 6:32 AM EDT

thx for the advises !
Hmm, i really forgot Decay ...
So there is a third method against AC/Endurance/Protection .
I think decay is a good way to deal with FB mages. They train DM ...
Teams with AMF are still a problem but a decay mage could really
be a good solution.
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