about mentors (in General)

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] May 13 2006 5:49 PM EDT

how many of you mentors had a mentees that asked you a question about the game?
i had over 100 mentees and maby 4 or 5 asked 1 question and maby 1 over 2 questions
so im wondering why there are mentors when mentees never ask them questions, i see them ask questions in chat but never their mentor, so why do we exist?

LayWaste-[bA May 13 2006 5:51 PM EDT

I never *really had a mentor ask me a question, they only asked when I caught them online and asked them personally; I would say 3 or 4 of the ones I talked to in chat asked me a question. But if they have questions they ask in chat, I doubt more than 5% actually ask their mentor.

Genie May 13 2006 9:02 PM EDT

i have had 1 ask tons of questions. and one ask 3 or 4. most just quit though. (the one that asked alot of questions quit in 3 days.)

Maelstrom May 14 2006 2:26 AM EDT

Do you ask your mentees if they want help? Do you offer advice? ....Are you online when they are?

Early CB2 didn't have mentors, but I officially had a mentor when I started CB1, though he was either never on, or never seemed interested in helping. Don't remember who it was... no one who still plays ;)

deifeln May 14 2006 2:36 AM EDT

Hurricane was my mentor on CB1....

Dragon Slayer May 14 2006 2:10 PM EDT

when i joined cb1 i didnt bother asking my mentor anything cause my cousin was sitting a few feet away explaining the game to me

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 14 2006 2:31 PM EDT

You only thought I was explaining the game I was actually trying to explain basic hygiene
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