Training Decay (in General)

yourbonesakin May 21 2006 5:51 AM EDT

I am the resident noob. I know this, and you do not need to point this out.

Q: What is the point of training Decay? Does training set the 'limit' of damage that decay can do? Do base decays do the same as 1M decays? Since it cannot do more than 1/2 full health damage, can it do less?

Thank you for not flaming.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 21 2006 5:53 AM EDT

Decay will do less than 1/2 HP damage any time the opponent has AMF. The damage will depend on the level of AMF compared to the level of decay.

yourbonesakin May 21 2006 6:23 AM EDT

i was refering to the amount of xp you put into decay, and what relationship it may have to the damage dealt.

i never asked about the amount of xp put into AMF relative to the amount of xp put into decay.

(although it would seem that decay might be fully negated due to a decent AMF, so a decay mage might actually be one-hit ko'ed due to a base decay. thanks for the insights.)

bartjan May 21 2006 7:05 AM EDT

It's a fact that some of your opponents (almost everyone) will have Anti Magic Field.
If you, with a base Decay, encounter such an opponent, then all your decay will be deflected back at you. So, not their HP will be halved, but yours.
For your Decay to work, you need to train it to a level high enough to beat their Anti Magic Field.

If a newbie asks in chat about Decay, my answer always is "Decay is 'special'. Only train it if you really understand it".

Adminedyit [Superheros] May 21 2006 9:04 AM EDT

from FAQ's Q: Is there any point to train more than a base Decay?
A: Yes: AMF will eat you alive if you do not.
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