Multi: Qwerty-Jon and JonP1 (in Public Record)

Gallatin [Thanoscopter And You] May 22 2006 7:44 PM EDT

The IP that both accounts are using is:

QBPixel Sage May 22 2006 9:23 PM EDT

You forgot to mention quite a few one-way transfers =P

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] May 22 2006 10:48 PM EDT

I tried to ask Qwerty about his behavior, since he arrives just after JonP departs, but they aren't chatty.

[T]Vestax May 22 2006 10:56 PM EDT

I once asked Bast about her behavior. Regrettable, she told me... in book form.

Maelstrom May 22 2006 11:13 PM EDT

I once imagined that I asked Vestax about his behavior. Luckily, I didn't!

sssimmo May 22 2006 11:21 PM EDT

I once asked Mael about his behaviour and he started explaining something about "a dominant race of monkey...taking over world...end of civilisation"....and some other garbage so I just said to myself 'o-kay' out then sneaked away when he wasn't watching.

Maelstrom May 22 2006 11:26 PM EDT

it's true:

"Let me make it plain
You gotta make way for the homo superior"

bartjan May 23 2006 3:38 AM EDT

See updated thread title. Banned qwerty, reset P1.

5583 days old {Gaza} May 23 2006 10:30 PM EDT

I tried asking sssimmo about his behaviour; apparently sheep are a normal thing in australian culture...

Maelstrom May 23 2006 11:15 PM EDT

I thought sssimmo lived at the disco! You mean they keep sheep at the discos down there?

QBBarzooMonkey May 23 2006 11:30 PM EDT

I was once asked about my behavior. I ran around in circles, singing "ba-ding ba-ding, wu-tu wu-tu!" until they left me alone and stopped asking such silly questions.


Maelstrom May 23 2006 11:35 PM EDT

Why are you wearing that stupid Monkey suit?

SNK3R May 23 2006 11:37 PM EDT

Donnie Darko reference!

Maelstrom May 23 2006 11:38 PM EDT

What's the reply? :D

Zacharia Andrew Pa!n May 23 2006 11:38 PM EDT

Zacharia_Andrew_Pain cackles!
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