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Mem May 25 2006 1:51 AM EDT

The Fury of Captain Woodes Rogers

His ship sailed to Nassau Harbor
To hang them on the ramparts
To watch them die

His ship sailed to remind them
Of his fury
To watch them for one misstep

His ship sailed with pardons
Straight from George
To watch them with one covered eye

His ship sailed the Caribbean
His fury ne'er to be matched
Long as the water rages

And there rose a worthy adversary
A killer with greater proficiency
Turning heads, taking heads, minding not his infamy

He went out to die, not to tell their lies
Demise was welcome in his eyes

Forty leagues of hate
To ransom their fate
The battles raged on without sate

Forty shots to the chest
Payment for the rest

Charging on, charging up, charging, charging
Do not stop!

He went out to die, not to tell their lies
Demise was welcome in his eyes

He went out to die, not to tell their lies
Demise was welcome in their eyes

Through the maze of the dead
All the black was stained red
Severed heads roll their eyes
The fight for what prize?

The fight for what prize?

Mem May 25 2006 2:19 AM EDT

Please feel free to submit your own works... I'd like to see the collective creativeness of CB.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] May 25 2006 5:40 AM EDT

Expulsis Piratis, Restituta Commercia

Ammon [The Black Tower] May 25 2006 5:36 PM EDT


Love is what you make it to be
Living life is what we do
My heart belongs to you
Over distance and time has no meaning

I wish to be with you forever
My heart isn’t whole unless you're near
In death I will remember you always
Age doesn't matter with love

We are one and the same
I love you fully with my heart
I feel envious and pain when I am not with you in some form or another
You are my life; my goal is to be with you one day even if it's in death

My soul, heart and body are yours to do with as you please
I will watch over you in the end, and in the beginning
I wish to be near you always but life is cruel
My life is yours; the red of a rose shows the passion I feel
The white of one shows the peace when you are near.
I will love you always and forever,
I will miss you til the time we meet.

Death of my heart

Life is insane to all that love
No one True heart of man shall prevail
What I want and What I can have
are completely different.

Who is it that decides our fate
The one We Cherish, Love and Respect
The one We hate, dispise and disrespect
or the one who is you

Life is insane because you have no choice
We live separate lives form which we wish
my heart wishes to be with yours but
it hurt too much to try anymore

I have tried to hard to please my heart and my wishes
but that I can do no longer alone.
I am one out a pair that cares
the other lives as required nothing more

My pain has grown unbearable
I wish death upon my worthless self
to save other the pain that I feel and would share
what I've tried to maintain is dead
Nothing good shall come of continueation or death of myself
I wish this to go on, but in reality I have to finish


What is it that I feel?
Why does my body feel this way?
Where do I want to be?
When will I be worthy of you?

You feel love, the truth and more
Because you don't know what’s going to happen next, or what you are feeling
You want to be with her, your love

Who is it that you care for?
Why do you care for them?

I care for you, and love you
I care because you make me whole no matter the difference, you make me feel real and help me do what I need to do.

Does the pain ever stop?
Will things ever heal it?

You take one you take both, Love and pain come as one package
They will heal but they can reopen, let live, and move one

Is that all worth living for?
Would you die if you had to choose?

all that is worth living for, I would live for her, and hers. I would do as she asked.
I would die to stop some pain, but it would cause others more than it's worth to me, my pain is minuscule compared to what me dying would cause. I would do what I know is right and live


Tears flowing, heart hurting
Life not worth living, trying to live
The world around us falling
Pain there, but bearable
Death wish, but won’t take it
Living for those you love
Knowing what would happen if you weren’t there
Wanting the unobtainable
Leaving everything behind
Disappearing for Life

My History

What does life bring us
To where is it that we live
What is this world
Why are we here

Life bring most people peace
But it bring other's pain
I suffer from living
Death is my savior, the eternal sleep

We live in a world created by the elements
It is going to die because of how we rule it
All things deserve a chance to thrive
Death helps us

This world is a place of harmony
A place where people do what they like
Instead of what they should
This world is dead

We are here to live
We are here to lie
We are here to kill
And we are here to die


Life is like a dream
One will never know what can happen
We all have little choice in the matter
Sometimes we are in control
Others we feel like we have lost it
But life is like a dream
Because of what happens there and
What will happen here
We chose the path of least resistance
But the gains from that are little
Those who take the harder path
Learn more about life and
What it means to live
They know what we are missing and
Don't feel sorry for what we miss
They hold what is truly worth it dear to them
Those they trust are the one's they know
Feel as they do, are as they are
But life moves on, and they dream their dream
While we dream ours and live life content
What is changed in this world
When life moves on
The elements of this life change everyday
We watch as some live and others die
Living is a choice, there are those who live and
Those who die, Most chose to live
Not because they want to
But because they are afraid to die
The world will end one day and we will never see it
But those of your blood may make it to see that day
And know what it holds true, it means that dream has come to an end
That life starts a new, be it another place or time


What is a mind?
A thing to be played with
Something to be tampered
Each of us has one
But what do they really do
It allows one to live, but how fully
and why would one without a mind be dead
because we can't see what they are feeling
or because they show no emotion,
What does it do for those that are different
How would one describe a mind to someone who never had one
Would it be a new life to them
Or would it be a death.
How does one feel about living
No matter, there are things that each of us do
We are who we are and there is nothing that will change that
Living is a choice to be made, one can either chose to live
Or chose to die, under the mask of living
There is more than one sort of death,
The death of Will, The Death of sprit, or the Death of Body
Some are affected by one or all of these,
what goes on goes on because of what has happened or will happen
Nothing to end all of this.
I am one that lives for those that need me.


Darker days have come to pass, and each has gotten thru them
Life begins anew with the end of all, and the beginning of nothing
Where one begins the other ends, but both are same
Life is where we live, Death is for the future
Where we start is where we end, there is no changing that
There are things worse than Death, there are things better than Life
How much is in-between, Nothing means everything, Light means Dark
Why do we live life looking toward a goal at the end
we should live it by the moment and how we feel than
We live in a whirlwind of lies and deceit, what truths do we truly know

I trust those I care about, I live for those I love
I try and protect those I can, I help them live their life
What more is there than others, watching out for those you care for
Why not fight when the end is the same no matter
I wish to protect those I can, living life to my extent
What happens now, effects the future, what happened than effects now
I chose to live because of those I love, I could careless if I died today
I could careless if I died tonight, but those around me care for me
So I care that I live and I live because I care
What begins with death isn't the end of life, just the start of a new one
I Wish I could do more for those around me, for those I truly care about
My life would be empty without them, my heart would die when someone stopped caring
But who is to say what I want is good for all, what I wish I know isn't
Being able to die without anyone remembering you or who you are or what you've done
that is my Wish, but my wish will never be granted, only because I know that will never happen
I have affected too many people, and what happens to me affects them,
I deny my wish because I know what would happen if I didn't
To me my life is not mine to chose, others run it for me
If it weren't for others I wouldn't be here for those that care I am glad
And I Live my life for them, and no other


One who care of life and it's meaning
A friend to those she meets but,
She is more
She helps me live, her choices effect me
As mine affect her
She is one of my lifelines
She helps me, live she helps keep me safe
She is a friend, who helps save me from myself
How she is affects me and how I feel
She is one of my protectors and I hope that I am one of hers
She is Dream. a good one as well


When I'm near you I feel different
I don't want to let you go
My heart troubles me at times
At times I feel betrayed
At others I feel nothing
But anytime I'm near you things change
For the better, you help keep my head on straight
You have helped me to see the light of day
We both protect each other during the night
She holds my heart as I hold hers
We together have one heart
I remember my past, but
She is my future, Her and her spear are what
Lead me on with my life
The past is different and I mourn over loss
But I live with her now and little will take that away
She has my heart always, even when I wake.

Forbidden Love

Her beauty is unmarred, but
Her life is unfilled because of her life
She is Chosen, but she can't have my heart
Anything that happens to the one I love
Will destroy me and who I am

She wants my heart but
That I can not give
She knows exactly why I can't give it
Maybe in another day and age
She might of had my heart
To do as she pleases

My Heart isn't mine to give because it belongs to another


I wish there was more to life than living
I live for friends anywhere
But I've found a true friend in an unlikely place
I am willing to watch over the one in blue
I wish there I was more that I could do
But living in this world is hard for each of us
Whom is to say what I am
Whom is to say that I can't protect my friends
Now I decided what I do
Whom is to say that I will not do as I must
Whom is to say that I am unwilling to save
Now I will help her even if it takes my life
She is a friend and has shown me much


We all grow and change
Life changes with us
We are all different
But we all fight the same fight
We all play games
that none of us dare change
we are a group
that live to change for better or worse
We are all willing
to fight for what we believe in
We are a force to be
reckoned with and will stop at nothing

I am a man of power
that is willing to fight
I know a woman of power
that is fighting the same fight
we together are the ones
that are going to help save us each
I am a man of heart
and am willing to give all it takes
I know a woman of heart
that will stand beside me no matter what it takes
we together are a force like no other
we stand not only for ourselves but for the light of love as well

I can stand alone and rain death, while accepting my own
but stand with others allows me to live and help other
I fight for those I love and
am willing to live my life for them
that life is theirs to choose
what happens to me

Mem May 25 2006 6:44 PM EDT

Nice stuff, Ammon. No one else has anything to share?

Mem May 25 2006 7:17 PM EDT

Sweet Charlie's Nightmare

The story begins
Blackness engulfs us

Nakedness covers his mind
His thoughts perceived by everyone
Welcome to delirium
The only home that he knows

Nightmares and crucifixion
Whispers of deadly decisions
Trapping young Charlie's mind
In a self destructive bind

Death is a feather, floating on endless wind
Life is a series of lies
Threatening to keep Charlie blind
From the eyes that reside in his mind

Nightmares and crucifixion
Whispers of deadly decisions
Trapping young Charlie's mind
In a self destructive bind

Sweet Charlie's Nightmare
Grips his feeble mind
Killing his insides
Grips his feeble mind
Running from mankind

{CB1}Lukeyman May 25 2006 10:32 PM EDT

*Lukey waits for Blargs.. "My Love"

Blarg May 25 2006 11:20 PM EDT

haha, bah @ posting poetry, I've done it enough on here :P

kevinLeong May 25 2006 11:29 PM EDT

Allergic to Beauty

I'm getting old, getting tired,
But I am still not ready.
It's hard to gently touch a girl,
When your palms are sweaty.

You may or may not believe
What I have to say
You may or may not have had
These symptoms come your way.

When I see the girl I love
My bones turn all to jelly.
I try to hold them in
But butterflies rattle my belly.

And when I see her face
My bones begin to ache.
I begin to feel light-headed
And I keep trying not to faint.

It has nothing to do with charm
Or even being debonair,
It has nothing to do with strength
Or truly graceful flair.

There is one thing that I have,
Of which there is no cure
It is her beauty which ails me,
And my love so deep and pure.

I am allergic to beauty
True beauty makes me sick
Fear catches me by surprise
And nervousness so quick.

I try my best to act natural
But I don't know what to do
I just pray to the Lord above
That He will see me through.

Oh I'm allergic to beauty
It makes me want to die
It leaves me crying at night
'Cause I'll never be by her side.

QBsutekh137 May 25 2006 11:34 PM EDT

An Ode To Maggots

Maggots writhe in exquisite rot.
Rot with undulating edges sometimes breaking off a single.
Single wriggling away to discover fresh decay and chew.
Chew only the dead, though it will all be dead soon.
Soon enough for love.

Stephen May 25 2006 11:40 PM EDT

You should consider submitting that one to Hallmark for Valentine cards

QBsutekh137 May 26 2006 12:13 AM EDT

More like:

Ammon [The Black Tower] May 26 2006 7:30 PM EDT


Genie May 26 2006 8:59 PM EDT

I have the best Poem.

Fat Boy

There once was a fat boy,
He eats and feels joy,
He loves to eat his chips ahoy.

Mem May 26 2006 11:30 PM EDT

Tom Nevers' Field

The plane crashed
Into the bloody river
One man crosses
The other man dies

To ride that high is to fly real low
To fly real low is to ride that high

Right across the way
The field knows no one
No one knows the field

To ride that high is to fly real low
To fly real low is to ride that high

Dear passengers,
This is your captain
Coming from the site of the crash
Kiss your loved ones goodbye
This could be your last

These have been the best five seconds of my entire life

The plane crashed
Into the bloody river
One man crosses
The other man dies

To ride that high is to fly real low
To fly real low is to ride that high

Right across the way
The field knows no one
No one knows the field

To ride that high
Is to fly real low

Syn Kitten May 26 2006 11:45 PM EDT

friendly greetings given time hopeful chances of winners rhyme
together minds versed to bid
a match of wit those that did
Victory sigh with hand outreached
Alas opponents morals impeached
Thus i call for what this deal hath born
Come on DUDLEY gimme my corn!!!

_~§Dot Daughter§~_

Genie May 27 2006 12:29 AM EDT

Sandy The Multi

Sandy was a multi,
with logic quite faulty,
We thought Sandy was a girl,
but it turned out he was just giving it a whirl,
Bast found out his name is Steve,
Which made a couple embarassed guys leave.

Dudley The Liar

Dudley tries to lie,
Trying to be oh so sly,
Bet for a Corn,
he lost and another lie was born,
Tried to win it back by betting CoI and Alatars Gloves,
Lost those too, gone like so many doves,
Pretty is very mad, she wants the items now,
or to get him back someway or somehow.

Genie May 27 2006 12:36 AM EDT

Big Thanks To Pitspawn! :)

QBsutekh137 May 27 2006 12:52 AM EDT

Reality Cycle

Regimented circumstance wrings every breath,
From life not allowed to be taken thusly,
Life unavailable to assail.
Not life at all.

What then?

Something like life.
Something akin to feelings, thoughts.
A thing so happy to be alive, just to feel and be!
Something longing for the unrelenting grasp around its neck.
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