Wiki: Item / Spells / Skills (in General)

AdminNightStrike May 28 2006 12:35 PM EDT

This section on the wiki's front page contains a link to Spells, which serves only to provide another three links to the three types of spells. I want to kill this page. It is a good example of too much abstraction found in certain OOP project. Just as there is no reason to have an "Items" link in that section that provides links to Armor, Weapons, and Tattoos, there is no reason for a Spells link to expand into three other links. (And if there is, perhaps an "Items" link should be added to stay consistent..... wow, I hope that's not the case)

However, I don't know why it was put there in the first place. To me, it seems like extra totally unnecessary clicking and page maintenance. Unless someone has a good reason to keep it, I'd like to kill it.

bartjan May 28 2006 12:55 PM EDT

It's there in an effort to keep the Wiki index as short as possible.

PS. Can you please keep the change notices a bit shorter than your 'Glossary' entry? This spams the main page a lot. It's also an indication that you maybe made too much changes in 1 edit?

AdminNightStrike May 28 2006 1:02 PM EDT

The glossary page has tons of edits... mostly because people make tons of two-bit changes as separate edits. On the wiki main page, it scrolls off eventually. On the glossary edit list, the tons of edits don't.

And, regarding the topic of this thread, if that's the reasoning, then for consistency, you would have to make an "Items" link that links to Armor, Weapons, and Tattoos. But there isn't one. Why are items different than spells?
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