Do you want art for your character/minions? (in Off-topic)

QBPixel Sage June 1 2006 12:33 PM EDT

That's right! I have talked to my friend about making art for you guys. Who is this artist? His name is Danny, and you can check out his work here. Better yet, his abilities have increased over the past year while attending Academy of Art in San Francisco. The art you see at his deviant art website is up to a year old.

Danny charges around $80 (depending on complexity) for a fully designed, customized and colored picture of a character/minion according to your description (great price compared to other artists). However, I talked to him, and he agreed to do the first one or two for approximately $40!

Give me a CM, email, or post here, and I'll connect you with my friend and we will discuss the commissioned art. Don't miss out on this deal!


This is indirectly connected to my card project, as some of you know about from my other contest thread. Pictures drawn by Danny can be used for the portrait area of the card, though that has yet to be designed.

*I have talked with Jonathan about whether or not this should be in a WTB/FS forum, but since I am not making any money off this myself, he said it would be fine to post in the Off-Topic forum.

QBBarzooMonkey June 1 2006 12:44 PM EDT

I've been planning out a "really, really big prize" art contest for the summer, to see if anyone here could visualize my "Dogs" as the "bipedal warriors" I imagine them to be, but now I'm thinking about this instead...

Let's talk :)

QBPixel Sage June 1 2006 7:18 PM EDT

All right BM, I'll CM you on it =D

[me]Davis June 5 2006 8:48 PM EDT

i want one.. :P
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