OMG its carnage blender :) (in General)

Jason Bourne June 12 2006 10:00 PM EDT

another memories post from yours truely...

you know you have played too much CB when...

the best loch axe in the game belonged to Ventus and was x72 + 72....and sold for 2.5 million to Protest Boy

3k damage was insane...

the great money glitch where you could send people billions of dollars getting reset for getting a x147 exe sword because of it =)

Spydah pwniing the world after making a huge single minion character and then hiring 3 more on

...when you could sell items in chat :D

when 5 people where on during a saturday afternoon

when u could fight the same person an infinite number of times...

no battle allocation :)

when bot checks involved math

if you know what Thunder Bunny is :D

if you had ever fought R0xj00 and won against a 4 FoD team :D

if you remember what FoD is

Spydah's "Cant Blend" post

...thats all i can remember for now :P ill have to come back and bug you guys again later :) i still have my 2Million dollar shield! =)

c yas, good times. definately worth the 10$ :)

Jason Bourne June 12 2006 10:03 PM EDT

by the way, if any of you play Anarchy Online...send a tell to Ladyasgard 201/15 doc on Atlantean :P

best regards - Soul/Jason Bourne cb1

P.S. ...and if you remember before spell check was're old too :P

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] June 12 2006 10:07 PM EDT

You know you've played too much CB when...

New players stuck around for more than 4 months

You helped give Todd an unfair advantage

You remember the first person Monty owed money to

You know what a crackmonkey is

You've read DarkMage's post, the funny Crackmonkey post, and you laughed out loud but then cried a little because you were scared it might be true

You can think of more things to post

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] June 12 2006 10:33 PM EDT

You start to think about retaking up CS to make you spend less time on cb.

You've started having similar NW to your CB1 setup

The monkey on your back starts biting even before your 2 and something hours is up.

deathwake June 13 2006 12:07 AM EDT

if you can remember being able to go into the store and find yourself a few new shiny rares

if you remember never having to go into the store to buy arrows (IA's)

if you know what a Shield of Mandos is

if you own a cb t-shirt

QBsutekh137 June 13 2006 2:10 AM EDT

You remember that Spydah didn't own the _whole_ world, at least not for a couple of very brief stretches. *smile*

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] June 13 2006 2:46 AM EDT

you had massive dex, then he(they) had haste, then you had massive DD, then he(they) had huge was quite a back and forth..

IndependenZ June 13 2006 3:46 AM EDT

if you remember Force Bolt and the infamous character Fourz...

RAMPAGE June 13 2006 4:15 AM EDT

...If the word "Rescale" still sends you hiding and wimpering under your desk.

spydah June 13 2006 5:34 AM EDT

Even "I" don't remember a 'can't blend' post...

Though Chromium still summons a laugh or two.

Rescale...FoD... these are the things of nightmares.


QBJohnnywas June 13 2006 5:53 AM EDT

Don't say the 'R' word......

RedWolf June 13 2006 12:43 PM EDT

That's not PG! ;-)

Thraklight Resonance June 13 2006 7:27 PM EDT

If you remember the first cb1 item sold on eBay.

RAND0M-X June 13 2006 9:25 PM EDT

LOL....You make me feel like i'm new to the game. I've been around since late 2003 and i dont remember any of that stuff.

drudge June 14 2006 3:49 PM EDT

remember when CoIs had not reached double digit numbers in rarity? the real definition of rare.
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