Pay Pal Questions (in Off-topic)

[DC]Final Fight June 12 2006 10:33 PM EDT

So i was thinking about starting a pay pal account to sell some cash so i can purchase some things i might need, but there are a few things i need to know first.

1) Do you have to have a bank account or credit card to recieve money from people?
2)How long does it take to recieve the cash?
3) how much money can Pay Pal hold?

If anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

Stephen June 12 2006 11:26 PM EDT

1) No, it can sit in your PayPal account
2) Instantaneous
3) More than you will ever transact through CB!

trigun June 13 2006 12:47 AM EDT

1) no. no bank account or credit card needed
2) it depends..sometimes its instanteous..other items 7 days? in the case of e-cheque.=P
3) not sure about max..maybe about 10k? again..not sure..but a lot.=P

Gallatin [Thanoscopter And You] June 13 2006 3:39 AM EDT

Shouldn't this thread be in the off-topic section?

[DC]Final Fight June 13 2006 9:50 AM EDT

Thanks Everyone. I think i got the answers i was looking for.
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