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AdminG Beee June 15 2006 5:59 AM EDT

Friday sees the annual Fife circular event with up to 20 of my colleagues and myself involved in this epic journey. GL and Johnny would love this I'm sure and perhaps some time in the future we can get you involved. Basically it's a team building exercise (ok, that was for benefit of wifey - it's really a piss up) that involves some light running and heavy drinking.

The Fife cirular is the train route through some of Scotlands prettier (and not so pretty) locations in what once was the Kingdom of Fife. At each stop we get off the train and make a dash to the local pub for a pint before dashing back in order to catch the train behind and head to our next location. The event has been held for many years and to date we've lost no one of real consequence along the way :)

Look out for some interesting chat as I pop into room Carnage at about 12:30am UK time. Choo Choo

Our schedule...

Station             Arr      Dep     Dur     Pub Name           
Haymarket          15:00    15:14   14mins   Ale House
South Queensferry  15:25    16:00   35mins   Hawes
North Queensferry  16:03    16:38   35mins   Albert
Rosythe            16:46    17:13   27mins   The Goth      
Cowdenbeath        17:31    17:50   19mins   The Goth
Glenrothes         18:12    18:54   42mins   Corner Shop + chips
Kirkcaldy          19:03    20:42   99mins   Whisky pubs
Burntisland        20:52    22:22   90mins   The Port + Tassie
Aberfeldy          22:27    23:27   60mins   Cedar
Waverly            00:01

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] June 15 2006 6:02 AM EDT

Oh, I think I recall your last tour! It was quite fabulous, if memory serves. I recommend chat presence for all available. ;-)

QBJohnnywas June 15 2006 6:29 AM EDT

Interesting! We have something similar in London. The Circle Line tour. For the benefit of anyone who has never been to London: the Circle Line is one of the lines on London's underground railway system. It goes - in a circle! - around Central London.

27 stops and the idea is to have a drink at the nearest pub to each stop. I've never ever made it past 14 stops and apart from a couple of - strangely enough - Scottish friends, I don't know anyone that has!

I've lost several people along the way on this one, especially when you get to Paddington and head for the favourite pub for the nurses from the nearby hospital...........

Best thing about the Circle Line tour? It involves no running.......

Worst thing? If you fall asleep on the train you can go around and around and around for hours before anybody wakes you up. But you're never more than two miles from where you started!

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 15 2006 7:06 AM EDT


But 12:30 on Friday, I won't be able to get into chat... :(

Heh, in additon to the circle line tour is also the monopoly challenge, where you have to go round the London monopoly board, going to a pub at every stop! ;)

Oh and G, I hope there are loo's on the train! :D

That smiley is great! Like the /train emote from WoW. ;)

QBJohnnywas June 15 2006 7:07 AM EDT

Isn't that 12.30am? As in Friday night/Saturday morning?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 15 2006 7:13 AM EDT



I'll be on for that! :D

AdminG Beee June 15 2006 8:50 AM EDT

The running part has not to be underestimated. It gets better as the evening progresses and we actually have time to taste some of our drinks (Kirkcaldy pub claims to have over 120 whisky varieties on offer for example) but the North and South Queensferry pubs are both ~1/2 mile from the station and at the bottom of very steep hills under a bridge. 35 minute turnaround can be a bit of a challenge if you're not careful. At least I won't be smoking 2 or 3 cigarettes at each stop this year. It's not so bad going down to the pub, but having a pint and making it back to the station is quite a challenge considering you've already had 2 or 3 at the Ale House in Haymarket before it begins.
Sweating 3

Very pretty though if you take the time to view the scenery.

bartjan June 15 2006 9:00 AM EDT

How about train delays? or have the British Railways improved their service recently? ;)

AdminG Beee June 15 2006 9:20 AM EDT

lol, no they haven't improved Bart.
That said, I can think of worse places to spend my time waiting on a train :) Last year one train was cancelled and one of the fitter members of the party ran to a local off licence to buy beer and we all sat with our carry-out on the platform waiting on the next one to come along. It all adds to the experience :)

bartjan June 15 2006 9:24 AM EDT

I can imagine the whole party run up the hill towards the station, there learn that the train is delayed, and then run down the hill towards the pub once more for a few more extra minutes ;)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 15 2006 10:39 AM EDT

>_< I know I would be busting for a wee just as the train is arriving!

drudge June 15 2006 4:54 PM EDT

dang! a beer train tour of an old Scottish town, sounds fun! im jealous!

Mrs Beee June 15 2006 7:11 PM EDT

Hrrmm, Team building indeed. Pray tell dear who is picking you up from Waverley as the last train to Bathgate leaves at 23.06? and who is walking the dog?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 15 2006 7:22 PM EDT

Ouch! Busted! :D

G, go do some grovelling! (Regretting letting Mrs Beee play now?) ;)

Mrs Beee June 15 2006 7:23 PM EDT

Laughs! He will blame Bast for that.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 15 2006 7:25 PM EDT

:) I bet G's finger has hovered over the 'Banzored' button once or twice though! ;)


AdminG Beee June 15 2006 7:30 PM EDT

We have a dog!?

Mrs Beee June 15 2006 7:33 PM EDT

Yes! and two children. Oh but I have a dog and three children!

Phrede June 15 2006 7:39 PM EDT

I wanna go - I wanna go - have fun m8

Gallatin [Thanoscopter And You] June 15 2006 8:46 PM EDT

I'm going to have nightmares of dogs from now on. And 200 of them, at least, are gnawing at my shoe.

Stephen June 15 2006 11:51 PM EDT

I'd like to point out that the photo G_Beee posted above is in colour. It's just that there isn't enough in Scotland to show up on the negative.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 16 2006 10:10 AM EDT


It's started! :D

Tezmac June 16 2006 10:33 AM EDT

Ahh, thanks for clearing that up Stephen, I had just assumed the Scots were still living in black and white, I'd heard they're a slow bunch. :O)

AdminG Beee June 16 2006 7:38 PM EDT

the eagle has laanded !

{CB1}Lukeyman June 17 2006 2:50 PM EDT

Scots and Irish rule!

They own you all, you cannot beat us, we all rule.

th00p June 17 2006 10:31 PM EDT

Aren't you a canadian?
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