Help my strat (in General)

ThatOneMan June 16 2006 11:19 PM EDT

ThatOneMan PR / MPR: 80,038 / 80,038 Max tattoo: 93,020 Battle Allocation: 0 Cash: $881,169

Your Minions
Cerebral Assassin EXP: 3 HP: 57,752/57,752 ST: 20 DX: 20 AC: 0
Fireball: 118,628 (11,711)

The HeartBreak Kid EXP: 114,957 HP: 20/20 ST: 20 DX: 20 AC: 0

as you can see i just bought The HeartBreak Kid and havent spent any of his exp yet.

what should i train on The HeartBreak Kid to best help out my fireball minion?

Flamey June 17 2006 1:47 AM EDT

you will most probably want to keep it an enchanter, because you have FB.

you can use:
* AMF, GA (1/3 GA, Max AMF)
* DM, GA (1/3 GA, Max DM) or (1/2 GA, Max DM)
* DM (Max) and/or a little Protection.
* AMF (Max) and/or a little Protection.

though it would be best to use a combination.

that is just one possiblity the other things that are in my head, would probably be useless though you may want to see Mikel's character 'The Alchemist' for a 2 minion FB team
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