Re-imagining: User Profiles (in General)

QBPixel Sage July 2 2006 9:54 PM EDT

Okay guys. As most of you know, I'm re-writing the code for this game, at least the user interface portion of it. The sidebar is pretty much done, other than getting a working theme for the new design.

The reason I posted this was to touch on something: User profiles. What parts of it can I customize. I have... a user pic... a link to my website... and you can email me, using "this form." Then there's a bunch of other information spattered here and there about what clan/realm I'm in, and stuff like that.

I think it needs to be reworked a bit. Re-imagined. More user-defined, such as including first name, quote, location (state or country), current location, hobbies, last book read, favorite movies, stuff like that. And maybe a more prominent user picture displayed.

Give me your ideas, whether it be things that should be included for user to define, or if its fine the way it is. Anything to help develop this thought.

BlueWolf July 2 2006 10:00 PM EDT

Hehe, i dont' want to sound mean, but having the state, country, and location thing makes it look like a myspace kinda deal. we dont' want a dating service!! lol but as long as people take it the right way, that sounds like a good idea. a slot for a picture of yourself, and then for your minions. that's a really good idea. I"m going to have to sit down with you and talk to you, cause i was thinking about making a theme, then thought about how much HTML and CSS i knew, and threw the idea out the window. :P

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 2 2006 10:15 PM EDT

I just want the bio to actually show up somewhere.

Mikel July 2 2006 10:16 PM EDT

adding extra pics would slow it down for phones and people that use a phone modem. Just make sure you have an option to turn off pics.

QBsutekh137 July 2 2006 10:21 PM EDT

novice says what I think. Almost invariably.

AdminJonathan July 2 2006 10:22 PM EDT

If we did enable the bio then people could include most of the other things Pixel mentions there.

QBPixel Sage July 2 2006 11:26 PM EDT

This certainly shouldn't become a myspace. If it was, then I would also want a feature for the user to CSS his/her own user page. Which I don't.

Anyways, there is a reasoning behind the idea of profiles. It makes the user feel more part of the game, more connected, because he puts part of himself in it. This isn't myspace, but a user feels like they're part of the game because they have them self "in" it. Especially those who don't participate in chat/forums. Its in a way the same as picking a theme to use. You personalize the game so its "your's".

Which brews a new idea... how about we give non-supporters two theme options, at least a color variant? =D

Flamey July 2 2006 11:34 PM EDT

make 'personal info' obviously those that want privacy dont have to fill in anything.

all that blah blah. it has short forms, then a bio bit, we dont want everything to be in a bio.

QBPixel Sage July 2 2006 11:52 PM EDT

... what?

Flamey July 3 2006 12:04 AM EDT

that was probably badly worded.

what i'm saying is don't have all the information in the bio. just like on other forums you can put in your name,location, age. then a bigger bit which allows 200 words or so to tell everybody about your so.

basically im agreeing with this. this is just my opinion. hopefully this made more sense.

QBPixel Sage July 3 2006 12:09 AM EDT

You mean, fields for first name, location, link to website, link to email, then a field for an autobiography with a limit of 255 words?

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] July 3 2006 12:29 AM EDT

I think its a good idea.

Those who disagree dont have to put there info in it. Those that want to can. This would also let you know a little bit about someone. Especially for those of us that no longer participate in chat.

I would like to see this implemented. I think it would nice to have.

Flamey July 3 2006 12:31 AM EDT

yes, pixel :-)

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] July 3 2006 4:29 AM EDT

I likes. Being able to show a little about yourself is always nice. And I especially love the theme color variants idea for non-supporters. Maybe that would help with retention of NP lol.

BlueWolf July 3 2006 6:47 AM EDT

Yeah, i found out i could become a supporter without a paypal account of my own and i did it just so i could change the color. the red gets kinda itchy at the eyes the longer you stare at it. and i agree, we should have at least two color variants for non-supporters. Maybe give them the themes we have now, and people start creating more. taht way the non supporters have something different for once. can't wait to see what it is going to look like pixel. :P

QBPixel Sage July 3 2006 12:55 PM EDT

Thanks for all the comments and thoughts! I'll be working this out and see how I can make it come to life! Providing I get someone to do the extra coding for that, unless Jon's willing to do the coding for it (which I imagine it really shouldn't be that much/hard).

Xenko July 3 2006 4:04 PM EDT

Go for it Pixel. I'd like to have the User Profile page be a bit more customizable.

BlueWolf July 3 2006 8:50 PM EDT

that would be great Pixel, if i knew anymore than i did i would prolly think of helping. but good luck man. :)
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