Rune Idea (in General)

QBsutekh137 July 4 2006 12:59 PM EDT

Hey all,

I come out against clans on a regular basis... Mainly because they just seem like a no-brainer bonus layer. Anything that is "ok, no downside so I might as well" seems silly to me. This last NCB I thought I was showing how non-clan fighting let me choose better targets. I was wrong -- I eventually made a clan of just me, kept fighting whomever I wanted, and still was able to get bonuses from time to time (sometimes over 10% on Mondays!). Like I said, being in a clan is a big "duh", at least right now when singleton clans are still relatively rare.

But upon further thought, I realized tattoos are sort of the same way...just a no-brainer might-as-well deal. Then the RoE was introduced: CHOICE! Forego a battle-useful tattoo for a rune that increases MPR. It was a brilliant addition to the game!

So, I am proposing a Rune that offers clan choice, but I need help on what it would actually do. Here's what I have so far:

Rune of Assassination (or Rune of Independence):
- Can only be worn if ALL characters belonging to a user are NOT in a fighting clan.
- Wearing the Rune give some sort of advantage only when fighting characters that are in a clan, or just gives better rewards, or maybe gives more money?
- Beating a clan fighter takes points away from their clan (that's the assassination part).
- A clan member beating an assassin gives that clan NO points.
- Rune is like RoE -- it just stays at level 20 and has its effect.

The issue is with what kind of rewards or advantages the Rune would give. I kind of like the more money idea -- forsaking clan bonuses for cash. Assassins could even be more effectively hired by people to put out contracts on other clans (an idea that has never really got off the ground), since they can take points away without losing them.

Anyway, apologies in advance for such a rough idea, or if the idea has already been proposed in some way. I just want there to be a path to follow that involves NOT being in a clan. Additionally, this could "mix it up" in the clan world a bit, depending on how it is implemented... Ideas?

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 4 2006 1:04 PM EDT

good on yah for being paranoid enough to consider something as harmless as clanning worthy of your loathing...

QBsutekh137 July 4 2006 1:20 PM EDT


AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 4 2006 3:19 PM EDT

sounds good! :D

I think it shouldn't offer increased rewards, as that is what the RoE (and much suggested Cash version) would take care of.

But there must be a reason to use this above the ability to take clan points from people.

Maybe some kind of increased damage versus Clan teams?

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] July 4 2006 3:55 PM EDT

Yeah, it definitely sounds a bit close to a RoE. You get extra rewards, albeit with a couple of extra perks. I don't know though, it seems to me like it's overpowered as stated, and it would cheapen the clan experience. Which is a large part of CB, like it or not. Many people belong to clans they like, and having their clan buddies is a good thing. And part of being in a clan is farming and being farmed, which is what this rune idea is trying to avoid. If you're not in a clan, you can farm clans for a reward and yet not suffer any of the clan drawbacks? No, that is too much.

QBsutekh137 July 4 2006 4:31 PM EDT

That's just it, Vaynard! It would add some excitement to clan fighting... More ideas: Maybe one person in each clan could wear an item making them immune or something...heck, I don't know, but let's go ahead and make the clan experience richer and deeper... I'm ALL for that! I don't hate clans, per se, I just hate their blase implementation...

Would having assassins in our midst make clans more appealing? Any and all commentary is very much welcome!

QBSefton [Black Cheetah Bazaar] July 4 2006 4:45 PM EDT

OK, since you asked.

I like the idea of items affecting clans. I like the idea of people not in clans being able to hurt people in clans, and vice versa. I think this avenue could open up a lot of possibilities.

I think an item that made a person able to hurt clans without being in one is great.

I think an item that allowed clan members to be able to fight more people that would give clan bonuses to their clan is great.

I think an item that would make someone immune to clan fighting effects woud be great.

I agree with Joe that these items should be a choice vs. tattoos to make the risk and reward balance (vs. an amulet or some such)

Consider though weapons that did the same effects. This would create more mid level weapon choices than I need one of the big 4 ASAP. (or 5 is you are a VB fan)

P.S. a one man clan is pretty easy and fairly effective IF you know what you are doing :)

AdminNightStrike July 5 2006 1:14 AM EDT

The Rune you suggest is exactly the same as being in a one-man clan with a tattoo that makes you immune to CP loss.

Some might argue that sacrificing a tattoo slot (and the accompaning armor slots) is a sufficient price to pay for never suffering from negative CPs.

That said, the idea of becoming an assassin class is intriguing -- be paid to suck CPs from a certain clan. It adds more $-earning options than just fight or forge (and, frankly, you don't make that much forging). I like it a lot. However, the Rune's effects must be more than as stated in my first paragraph.
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