Strat advice? (in General)

QBJohnnywas July 10 2006 6:05 AM EDT

Ok, I've started a new NCB, 4 minion tank based team.

T - toa bloodlust tank, morg, compound
W - PL

It's going very well so I'm not sure if it actually needs anything extra. But I keep thinking I'm missing something!

PL is being kept fairly low so that damage is spread rather than fully absorbed. This way I'm managing to keep all minions alive for much longer. PL is higher on the enchanters than the wall. This way he takes less damage from MM and, again, stays alive longer.

I'm planning on adding HP to the enchanters as well as building it up on the tank and wall, because at the moment DM takes me down quite hard but I'm concentrating as much xp into the enchantments as I can. And yes the armour is low on the wall - I'm pushing all my cash into the Morg for the time being.

I'm thinking of adding VA to the AMF enchanter and possibly some EC to the AS guy.

Any tweaks or changes? Given that my score is nearly 3 times my PR and nearly 6 times my MPR it seems I'm doing something right, but like I said I can't help feeling I'm missing something important!

Flamey July 10 2006 8:59 AM EDT

i would think due to recent changes and the start of 'tankblender' people would start using more tanks and less mages, meaning less mages around, less AMF needed. Why not get GA is that totally out of the equation?

that was what i first thought when i read it, but i read further on and see you need VA. but you could always put GA with AMF and train evenly or so, but i really think with your offensive team that VA will be the way to go.

i don't know too much about how much your MPB will be, with the ToA and all, as VA is becoming a costly spell.

but would putting VA on your wall be too much xp dilution?

also any amulets you wearing? AoAC on the wall, a no-brainer. but for the tank have you thought of an AoI, with my strat it works just fine, especially when you have leech.

you don't get hit until last but you are dishing out damage. which is returning HP making you have over HP before you even get hit.

and what armour you wearing on your tank? DX boosting items with an MS or no shield?

QBJohnnywas July 10 2006 9:08 AM EDT

I've got an AOI on the tank, which works beautifully I must say. I did have GA on but it doesn't interact with PL so nicely so I dropped it.

I'm not sure which way to go on tank yet, heavy or light, so I'm going to hold on before I start investing in armour. The wall needs some clothes first!

Flamey July 10 2006 9:33 AM EDT

yea, i was waiting for someone to respond so i didn't double post!

i forgot about EC. i think EC would be a bad idea, because it is weak as it is and you would have to train it on the AS minion which needs a lot of xp as it is. having 2 spells that need a lot xp is a big no no :)

i can't believe i didn't mention Protection! get a base prot on your wall, you need that 4% reduction! it is a must have.

i know you're not doing anything about your tank armour yet, but i will still say something. I think you should get focused armour for the bonuses as for the recent changes making AC less useful. this way you can get the bonuses no matter what. and dont have to worry about VB's slicing through you!

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 10 2006 9:50 AM EDT


You don't have a base protection on a MgS wall?

Bad Johnny, bad!

BootyGod July 10 2006 6:18 PM EDT

My thoughts exactly.
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