Coolest set of animated cubes EVER! (in Off-topic)

QBPixel Sage July 16 2006 12:05 AM EDT

I found an awesome animation made in blender that even non-artists could appreciate: Clicky!

Ox [StephenMelinda Gates Fund] July 16 2006 12:10 AM EDT

that completely blew my mind

{Quitter}Gah July 16 2006 2:02 AM EDT

OMG O_O It's alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

th00p July 16 2006 9:49 AM EDT

/me picks up his jaw from the floor. Holy... that's incredible!

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] July 20 2006 7:21 PM EDT

NEAT but how come it makes me think of grinding up an elephant??

Stephen July 20 2006 8:12 PM EDT

Even non-artists? Wow, it must be good!
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