1,500,000 MPR (in General)

QBsutekh137 July 29 2006 4:13 PM EDT

Hey all,

Just as I did at 1,000,000 MPR (and promised to do at 1.5 million), here are stats for a single minion at exactly 1,500,000 MPR:

HP: 1,375,079 (cost: 15)
ST: 20
DX: 20
FB: 3,300,527 (cost: 15)
AMF: 603,355 (cost: 14)
GA: 100,014 (cost: 12)

Cost(s) for an additional minion:
Enlist for $25,070,755 (high option)
Enlist for $10,028,302 (low option)

By the way, minion cost is based on "virtual" PR (total experience, trained or untrained). I just fought a few more battles, and the cost for a new minion went up even though I did not train. I wasn't sure about that fact, just noticed it now. So, you don't need to worry about training before buying a new minion to get the most experience.

If anyone has questions about anything, feel free to ask here. My team is an open book.

Misfit July 29 2006 4:16 PM EDT

Wow! That is awesome!

BootyGod July 29 2006 4:49 PM EDT

Wow, thanks sut. Don't help me, but I like to know as much as possible lol. So thanks =D

QBsutekh137 July 29 2006 4:51 PM EDT

Not a problem. Thank you and you're welcome.

AdminNightStrike July 30 2006 3:51 AM EDT

Can you post the effect alongside the level?

QBsutekh137 July 30 2006 12:01 PM EDT

My full fireball:

Fireball: 3,663,584/3,300,527 (463,623)

Miandrital July 30 2006 1:02 PM EDT

Could I also request the unlearn amounts for all of those? I am just wondering what the total exp would be

QBsutekh137 July 30 2006 10:43 PM EDT

HP: 16,173,205
FB: 43,825,682
AMF: 7,359,469
GA: 1,049,954

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 30 2006 10:49 PM EDT

So 68 million XP + 3 [25 million dollar] minions and a 2 mil+ RoS and I think you win. GA at that point would beat everyone, even me and my heavy ac, as long as one of those minions had enough DM to cancel out my VA.

QBOddBird July 30 2006 10:50 PM EDT

Sutekh, thank you so much for all this generous information. I myself love having this knowledge, even if I can't put much use to it - thanks again for doing this!

Might I request a link to this? "...Just as I did at 1,000,000 MPR..."

The information at 1 mil MPR would actually be extremely useful for me.

SNK3R July 30 2006 10:57 PM EDT

78 Days Later... also known as "Just as I did at 1,000,000 MPR".

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] July 31 2006 3:36 AM EDT

Congrats on the big number!
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