Describe CB Contest Final Entries (in Contests)

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] August 8 2006 4:55 PM EDT

Here are the final entries, please vote on them in the poll! The poll will determine the winner and allow everyone to vote on these. Whichever one is the winner will be the one I use to describe CB on social networking sites when we advertise CB.

I purposefully omitted contestant names from this list so this will not be a popularity contest, and as such you should simply judge each one based on what you think would get YOU to click on it if you saw it on a social networking site.

Keep in mind that as much as it would be cool to put my "referral" code on it, I cannot as it would hurt CB's chance of gaining popularity.

1) Eiji dislimbed Sefton with sunkmanitu tanka [165690] Eiji draws strength from his weapon! Sound intriguing? It's from a play by play in Carnage Blender, a free, turn-based, strategy driven multi-player online role-playing game. Carnage Blender requires no downloads, as it is text-based and graphics-light. It features a constantly evolving game environment, customizable characters and strategies and best of all, a monitored, PG chat and forum community of the some of the friendliest, most helpful and intriguing gamers on the web! Carnage Blender: Meet interesting new people, and kill them!

2) Carnage Blender 2, a free text based strategy game where you will meet intelligent, friendly people, and then kill them. No bots, all human opponents in an ever updating game. Can you adapt, or will you be blended?

3) Hard day at work? Blow off some steam by eviscerating, killing, or decapitating your enemies! Carnage Blender: A non-bloody and non-deadly way to accomplish your dirty work.

4) Carnage Blender is an unique, free, non-graphical browser based MORPG. It features complex strategy with simple interfaces using customizable "minions" based upon spells, skills, and weapons in a free for all battle arena, with a constantly changing environment, and robust community. The more time you spend exploring it, the more you will see this is the best non-graphical MORPG on the internet today.

5) Carnage Blender is the ultimate combat game. Fight your way to the top, forge mighty weapons and make your name well-known throughout the lands. Best of all, it's a FREE browser-based RPG that requires no downloads. So what are you waiting for, join the carnage!

6) Carnage Blender: a free* text-based strategy RPG with an active, intelligent community of players, a strong in-game economy, and with regular changes and improvements to gameplay. Develop your own team of minions, choose skills and spells, fight to the top, and save up game money to buy rare equipment. Make new friends, trade items with them, and kill them!

AdminG Beee August 8 2006 5:36 PM EDT

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