Help new strat (in General)

ThatOneMan August 12 2006 2:10 PM EDT

This is my current strat:

DegenerationX PR / MPR: 94,741 / 69,305 Max tattoo: 75,020 Battle Allocation: 0 Cash: $18,387

Your Minions
Triple H EXP: 10 HP: 20/20 ST: 20 DX: 20 AC: 0
Antimagic Field: 18,840 (?) Ablative Shield: 48,983 (24,501)

Shawn Michaels EXP: 10 HP: 21,763/21,763 ST: 20 DX: 19/20 AC: 36
Magic missile: 51,782/47,075 (19,348)

A Hard Leather Armor [6] (+4)
A Cloak of the Istari [6] (+10)
A Pair of Leather Boots [4] (+4)
A Pair of Leather Gloves [1] (+4)
A Cabasset [3] (+4)

DX Rocks EXP: 0 HP: 13,490/13,490 ST: 20 DX: 20 AC: 0
Phantom Link: 13,569 (24,424)

A Fire Familiar lvl 331,420

Im thinking about going a few differnt ways so i would like some feedback.

1. Should i re ink the FF to a Ice Familiar or to a Steel Familiar and the just keep the 3 minions i have?
2. Im thinking to add a new minion with nothing but a MM to just do dmg and get life from the AS and then die off. If i go with that im also thinking of re inking the FF to a Steel Familiar that way i have 3 MM going off in ranged and melee all hitting the same guy and hopefully killing him fast and then moving onto the next guy.
3. Should Triple H keep AMF or unlearn it and just all go to AS?

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] August 12 2006 10:40 PM EDT

FF>IF simple. Could ink to ToE come lvl 400k and a new minion. Lose PL so the FF can die first and get use out of AMF, if and when you get the third minion you can go pure AS. Suggesting Mage upfront wearing the FF and enchanter in back. Good verse all mage types. GA would be a nice add-on for the MM mage btw.

Flamey August 13 2006 8:39 PM EDT

I'll just give you some general advice because what gun has said here, is right and you should probably go with it.

SF and FF are greater than IF, no doubt about that. i really have no idea as to why they're in the game.

AMF and AS both need a majority of xp in a minion put in it, AMF and AS on the one minion isn't the greatest idea.

what you could do is, with a 3rd minion, max the AS. which leaves the other enchanter have a large portion of AMF, you could add GA onto that as well.

i would suggest you change that PL/HP wall to an enchanter and go with 3 minions and a Familiar.

what gun said is right, you can put the FF in front, so it can die first, which it probably will after 3 rounds which would make it good, or you can SF, it really is your choice on which tattoo to use.
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