Update from Pixel Sage (in General)

QBPixel Sage August 13 2006 3:53 PM EDT

While I was away, you guys placed in the last puzzle piece. The puzzle reads "CB2 has a great community."

I read through quite a bit of YNM's thread, and I'd like to say to everyone, Thank You. I had quite a few people defending my money. I wasn't surprised at this though, since heck, CB2 is a great community.

YNM definitely did have the best credit out of anyone, which is why I was surprised to see him leave. Though I won't justify leaving the game with a debt, it does seem that if YNM is leaving, there must be some strong reason for it, since he's been good to me.

I'd like to thank all of you again, and I'd like to give some recognition to Novice. Taking the burdon of another, even if Novice did get a character from it, is no small act, especially when it comes to a debt of 7mil, which we all know isn't pocket change. I'm guessing Novice might not even use the character to much extent after this (guessing being the key word).

Of course, th00p jumps in afterwards to help out without recieving anything in return. Need I to elaborate more on this community?

Too bad, I will. Novice jumps back in to repay th00p. Silly people. There is a reason why I nominated and voted for Novice during the QB ruffle =D

Anyways, after careful consideration, I've decided to leave CB.

Just playing, haha. Anyways, here's a list of things I have planned for the future.

- CB interface. This will likely be my top priority, but I do assure you guys it will take quite some time. People like to ask me when it'll be finished, and I will tell you now it will certainly not be in the near future.

- Writing contest. I held an art contest a while ago, and will be planning the next contest, which will likely be story writing. So for all you non-artists who wished you could participate in a contest of mine, here will be your chance. The prize will likely be based on the number of quality entries, rather than a static prize.

- CB card game. I'm sure some of you remember a while back when I started a card game. It is on hold now, but I'm still planning to go through with it. If all goes well and I don't lose more money from loans, I'll likely sell off some CB to lower the price for those who want to buy cards.

- Whatever else I'm forgetting.

Now, on the subject of loans. I do lose money through loans (and gain of course). I've had few generous individuals before offer to give me money because they felt sorry for me, even just recently through CM due to YNM leaving.

Personally, the money I make from the banking business isn't all for me. Most if not all or more goes back out to the community. Thus, if I lose money, it is my fault, but I view the loss as a good lesson learned. It helps me be a better banker, and thus I will hopefully lose less and less in the future.

Talking on the banking business, I think it is time to flag some users.

- [DC]Final Fight ~ Left the game without a trace. Hasn't returned. If I remember correctly, I've sent him an email and received no reply. I don't want him banned though, since he still has money, and if he returns, he can at least give me that.

- (MM)Joey ~ He hasn't signed on, meaning he didn't receive my CM: "After 1 week, CB is no longer attempting to deliver your mail to (MM)Joey. Message was: You missed payment for this week on your loan. Everything alright on your side? I won't flag you as long as I know you're still alive and kicking."

- Shamu Kitten ~ Does not have a loan with me, but requested a loan from me to pay off debt from NightStrike (3.5mil). Though I didn't lend the money, Shamu Kitten has yet to pay off NightStrike, and hasn't been on for quite a while.

Anypoo, that's about it for now.

QBPixel Sage August 13 2006 3:58 PM EDT

For those wondering about others I didn't flag who have missed payments, I do have a reason for it, including Genie.

Genie August 19 2006 10:42 PM EDT

Thanks for including that Pixel, I thought i was going to be flagged too. lol. But i'm starting to get an urge in wanting to play again and am going to start an NCB tommorrow. :D And i am also going to sell the MCM and CoI and send the 400k or however much i have right now and the money from those to you as soon as i get the money from those two items.

Genie August 19 2006 11:08 PM EDT

I'm going to wait until these two auctions are done to start playing. So i can retire my high character and use the new one with cheap ba at the beginning.

QBPixel Sage August 20 2006 3:26 AM EDT

Ah, missed your posts, Genie. Thanks for the response =D

I'm not sure the ones stated above have been flagged yet, but I've been notified (for who knows what reason) of a request to flag kefeck, who has a loan with trigun yet hasn't been online for 1.5 months or so.
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