Multi: Lord Rodric / Lord Zephyn / Zephyn the Angel (in Public Record)

[CB1]-Kratos(X.x) August 16 2006 12:24 AM EDT

Lord Zephyn (Ubumai) Lord Rodric (C The Arcane Order) $600 -- hey thanks for makin 12:18 AM EDT

Lord Zephyn (Ubumai) Lord Rodric (C The Arcane Order) $600 -- hey thanks for makin 12:18 AM EDT

notice that they are the same IP addresses, as well as the same basic name. I was assigned to Lord_Zephyn, and got a little fishy towards the likeness in names between him and Rodric, while both found in the New Players room.

i hate to be so crucial towards something as small as $600, but rules are rules. This doesn't look good...

I'd appreciate it if the both of you replied, as well as contacted an admin about this situation.

If this is just a brother-type thing, like i said in the title, i apologize. regardless, said matters are not taken lightly, and trading from one IP to the same is highly frowned upon. Someone reply if this makes any sense.

Dudster4 August 16 2006 12:39 AM EDT

I may be just stupid or something but you posted the same thing twice i don't really see any kind of a connection...

[CB1]-Kratos(X.x) August 16 2006 1:00 AM EDT

Zephyn_the_Angel just finished the tutorial shortly after i made this post. i didn't realize the post said the same thing twice x.X...i thought i'd copied something different, lol, copied the same thing....tell me this isn't fishy though...

BadFish August 16 2006 1:43 AM EDT

slightly fishy, but I hardly think a transfer of 600 bucks is enough to raise a red flag. Me and my brother play this game together and we both know the rules for multi COLD because of this, and this isn't enough to result in a reset/ban. CM them, a little heads-up or warning, but no real administrative action should be taken until more proof or reason to suspect arises.

bartjan August 16 2006 3:10 AM EDT

Banned the 2 Zephyn's, reset Rodric.

Lord Rodric [The Crimson Order] August 16 2006 3:38 AM EDT

thanks for resetting all my stats and deleting all my things because you thought i was cheating. good job.

AdminG Beee August 16 2006 5:19 AM EDT

Bart didn't ban the accounts and reset your other one because he "thought" you were cheating. He did it because you were cheating...

[CB1]-Kratos(X.x) August 16 2006 7:11 PM EDT

thank you....sorry to have brought this to the attention of the general public, but you know the rules...

and yes, i believe bart would not have reset or banned any of your characters had he known you weren't cheating.

Green Butchers August 16 2006 7:18 PM EDT

The reset is very deserved, look further back in the transfer log and you will find a lot of un-PG content in the comments.
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