I am figuring my evasion out correctly? (in General)

horseguy001 August 17 2006 11:32 AM EDT

DX: 346,297/222,491
Evasion: 174,117 (52)
Pair of DBs + 42

ok, so...

So right now am I taking 73.84 (is that rounded up or down?) off of PTH, and my total dex when some one is trying to hit me is 520414. Is this the correct calculation? I tried reading a bunch of older threads but I am still somewhat unclear.

Another thing I am wondering is what are some ballpark figures of someones chances to hit me if 1) There PTH is reduced to 0 but not dex, 2) There dex is reduced to 0 but not PTH and 3) both are reduced to 0.

My exp with this so far is that only UC minions ever really hit me, the only problem is lots of my fights go into 12-16 rounds because my damage output stinks :(

Thank you for your assistance :)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] August 17 2006 12:00 PM EDT

I have no idea how much pth you are reducing. :/

Your +42 DB is converted to an equivalent Evasion level, which is then added to your 174,117 trained evasion.

This new level then determins your new Evasion effect (The pth reduction).

Your defensive Dexterity is 520,414.

As for your second questions;

1) Depends on thier dex and weapon they use.

2) PTH equals 1% chance to land a hit per point of PTH. 101 PTH (with no dex) lands one hit 100% of the time, with a 1% chance to land a second.

3) Versus your dex? They have no chance of hitting you. Versus zero dex, it depends on the wepaon they use, but they would have the base chance (determined by weapon) of landing one hit due to equal dex.

horseguy001 August 17 2006 1:03 PM EDT

Well for pth I remember reading somewhere that evasion stacks differently, so an evasion lvl of 30 + Dbs of 30 would equal 39 and not 60. I just figured it was a %age for every + on the boots. I can't find that information now though.

What is more important in landing multiple hits? Having more dex then some one or having a big PTH? What is the relation between the two?

Recovering BA Addict August 17 2006 1:13 PM EDT

Horseguy: Assuming XP-wise stacking, your effective PTH reduction would be about 275,000 (63). Or using level-wise stacking, you'd have about 283,000 (64). Refer to my stacking thread for details.

Also refer to "Contest to give a perfectionist some game info" for discussion about PTH and CTH.


AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] August 17 2006 1:33 PM EDT

At the most, Dexterity can only land two hits per round.

Theoretically, pth has no limit. ;)
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