Donate to a very worthy cause (in Off-topic)

TheEverblacksky August 21 2006 9:04 PM EDT

I have a good friend, his account is House. He is in need of paying off his rent as his disability has been delayed up to 10 weeks..... and this is if everything goes right. He is sick and needs our help.

I am asking everyone in the CB community to pitch in some money. No matter how much or how little, we can all help. Thanks for reading this and i'm dropping 500k into the cause. His char is Lucas Cortez and if you wish please post your contributions here.

One last thing, if anyone is buying CB from him or his wife..... (for USD) if you can afford it put in a little extra money.

Angel 0f Death (Solid) House (Lucas Cortez) $500000 -- feel better 9:03 PM EDT

Let's help a friend in need.


th00p August 21 2006 9:19 PM EDT

th00p Beee (th00pie) House (Lucas Cortez) $1000000 -- Feel better soon! 9:18 PM EDT

Adminedyit [Superheros] August 21 2006 9:25 PM EDT

edyit (NCB fund) House (Lucas Cortez) $1000000 -- get well soon

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] August 21 2006 9:46 PM EDT

Ashilizator (Vive le Quebec) House (Lucas Cortez) $100000 -- little contribution 9:45 PM EDT

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] August 21 2006 11:51 PM EDT

Sir Leon (Mishras Factory) House (Lucas Cortez) $1000000 -- Get well soon! 11:50 PM EDT

House August 22 2006 11:35 PM EDT

Thanks to everyone who donated, my final F/S thread is up....your support has been truly amazing !! Thank You So very Much , Chris & Roberta

Wrath August 23 2006 3:46 PM EDT

AngeI 0f Death
(money storage box) House (Lucas Cortez) $150000 3:45 PM EDT

QBJohnnywas August 23 2006 3:55 PM EDT

I've already cm'd AoD - the EBS version this, but I'll post it here so there's a record. I'm away from CB as of Friday for a week or so. It's not much but I'll donate my earnings from now until I sign off on Friday. Every little helps right?

The Death Company [...] August 23 2006 5:02 PM EDT

The Death Company (SinsOfPower) House (Lucas Cortez) $150000 5:00 PM EDT
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