BMWheatiey(OB)/Angei of Death(Vicious) (in Public Record)

QBOddBird August 25 2006 12:24 AM EDT

I'm loaning him 2 million right now. He'll pay back at least half by two weeks from today and the rest within a week from that. Confirm it and I'll send.

I finally see August 25 2006 12:25 AM EDT

Yeah yeah.

I finally see August 25 2006 12:29 AM EDT

2m sent.

QBOddBird August 25 2006 12:30 AM EDT

Sorry it didn't work out.

I finally see August 25 2006 1:10 AM EDT

I hate you and hope you explode.

th00p August 28 2006 6:38 PM EDT

Rofl. Great communication, boys.
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