This Is Why You Can't Trust Other People in Online Games (in Off-topic)

Xenko August 28 2006 7:54 PM EDT

If you thought Pixel Sage has a hard time with his loan business, take a look at this article about a banker from EVE online that ran off with $790,000,000,000 ISK, which is equal to about $170,000 USD. And since it wasn't against the EULA, the player is still running around free and extremely rich.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 28 2006 7:56 PM EDT

*cough* shot in the face in his mom's basement *cough*

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] August 28 2006 9:15 PM EDT

We have a more hands-on approach to scammers here. Thankfully that makes game like this more protected against things like this.

A lot of online games tend to apply the laissez faire philosophy to all the economics in the game. Therefore, we have things like what happened in the US when the government left everything alone. Certain people took advantage of the system and rose the top.

Just be careful when investing a lot of time, and or money in online adventures. So far I've been pretty lucky and haven't gotten burned.

Except that one time many months ago, I made a loan for 100k to a newb, he never signed on again. Oh well :)

Stephen Young August 28 2006 9:37 PM EDT

Ouch. The funniest part of it all is that he'll probably spend it all in-game instead of selling it and buying something nice like a car... or a house!

Sorry, I know... it was still a horrible thing to do.

PirateKing August 28 2006 9:38 PM EDT

This makes me curious as to how many people here treat CB as a business instead of a game.

Xenko August 28 2006 9:39 PM EDT

CB is a game!?!?!

PirateKing August 28 2006 9:44 PM EDT

"CB is a game!?!?!"

I, for one, get a bellyfull of fiscal wrangling in RL and come here merely to escape.

Xenko August 28 2006 9:48 PM EDT

What is this "RL" you speak of? Can I purchase said "RL" from you for some CB? I hope it's not too much or I'll have to take out a loan to pay for it!

PirateKing August 28 2006 9:49 PM EDT

I'll sell you one for 50 million CB2. :P

BadFish August 28 2006 9:50 PM EDT

If i could buy myself a life for 50 mil CB2 i'd do it in a heartbeat. I'm the only one of my friend group without a job and i have a TON of free time that I spend alone or with my brother.

Xenko August 28 2006 9:54 PM EDT

Hmmm, $50 million seems like a lot. I'm not even sure what this "RL" is... How is it better than CB? Why would I want to pay so much for one when CB has everything I need?

Mikel August 28 2006 10:34 PM EDT


I finally see August 28 2006 10:38 PM EDT

hahahahahha pwnt.
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