might be gone for a while starting tommorrow. donno though.. (in Public Record)

Genie August 31 2006 4:12 PM EDT

That hurricane should be going right across where I live so if i'm not here for a few days my power will be out. sorry clan mates.

QBsutekh137 August 31 2006 4:13 PM EDT

Be safe, and good luck!

Genie August 31 2006 4:16 PM EDT

Thanks a hurricane a few years ago (i think isabel was the name) made the power go out for about 5days. Luckily we're not living at the beach anymore. :P

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] August 31 2006 4:49 PM EDT

dont fly to high in the tornado dude, cya soon

Genie August 31 2006 11:14 PM EDT

the weather channel is saying that it shouldn't make the power go out where i live. I hope they are right. :)

Genie September 1 2006 12:24 PM EDT

power went out last night at about 1:00 and it's back now. :) Hurray. :D
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