New Super Strategy =D (in General)

BootyGod September 6 2006 8:09 AM EDT

Okay got a new one. I have no idea how good it is and I only have a few minutes to get it done (scared of forgetting it).


HP, ST, BL (.60) and about 1k DX.

Kite Shield


1/10 HP
Max CoC
Protection on personal preference/ level (4)-(20)



DM/ ( AS or GA) Right now I would say AS. You don't need much but anything will help really. Give the mage enough HP to live through one more round. Mainly just lots of DM.

Basically this strategy designed to take out the two damage dealers. Tank to kill mages (players may want to give enchanter VA instead of AS) Not a bad idea that.

Mage to kill tanks. I stole this idea from a variety of places (mainly from Ranger's strategy. If the CoC works for him to tank out Krang then it works for me to take out the rest of you ;)

Enchanter there to try and stop other enchants. Main disadvantages:
Not alot of HP except for on Tank. Luckily the tanks which is the CoC job to kill won't target that minion til last.

AMF is a huge bummer when used with tank teams. Thats why I went low HP and high CoC. IMO higher DD reduces more damage then trained HP would buy you.

GA hurts but hopefully not much compared with DM.

I had some other stuff yesterday but I sleepy. I recheck this thread second period (in around 2 hours). Toodles. Let me hear any suggestions/ flames/ shuting ups.

bartjan September 6 2006 8:23 AM EDT

You do realize the large amount of Displacement Boots out there?

UncleKracker September 6 2006 9:25 AM EDT

I thought about a team with all str no dex just to beat mages. It didn't seem that great. It was something like Str/BL, AMF/GA, AS. But of course there was no way of fighting DB, EC or anything with dex.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 6 2006 9:49 AM EDT

You could consider dropping the E. Train AS and DM on your mage (instead of HP).

UK. Tanks with no dex won't be able to hit other tanks, but that is what the CoC is for.

The only problem you'll face with no dex is versus EC. You'll be swinging at zero dex versus 20, which is a pain. If those 20 Dex Mages/Enchanters have any Evasion, you won't hit them.

QBOddBird September 6 2006 10:14 AM EDT

I did a no-DX-all-STR team to kill mages some time ago - was just a HP/Enchanter with a ToE and a BoNE/MgS wielding tank behind with HP/STR/BL. Worked fantastically against all the single mages and EM, EEMM, EEEM, etc. team out there - but I had to avoid every single tank. If you wanna try it, go for it =)

BootyGod September 6 2006 10:21 AM EDT

Okay bartjan brought up a good point. Db's will of course slaughter me. But who DON'T they slaughter? No one has an easy time with them.

The EC is bad. The PTH will have to be rather large. Even then still hard. But there is nothing I can do about that :(
Right now I relying on the large lack of EC is current fields of play. Though that may change soon.

Getting rid of the enchanter is actually what I originally was going to do. THe reason it IS there though is to buy time and to stop the anti mage tank from getting stronger then the mage due to exp dilution on the mage. I doubt this is perfect, but I think it could work. THe tank would also be great against walls.

Oh and a Morg or BoNE on tank, in case someone was wondering. VB good too but not against AC void mages. Though it would hurt the ToE mages.... hmmm... any ideas there?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 6 2006 10:37 AM EDT

If it's Morg or BoNE, go Morg. I'd still prefer using a VB backed by a trained VA. It's damage is still the second highest 1-H weapon in the game.

QBJohnnywas September 6 2006 10:51 AM EDT

I hate to say this but I've lost the will to live where strategy is concerned. At least for today. I hate working.

Firstly, Ranger's char has the biggest CoC in the game. But it isn't the only reason it works so well. It's also backed up by a huge amount of NW. It's also the main damage dealer and the rest of the team, even the mini tank, is there to ensure it does what it needs to do....

I'm never sure about mixing damage types.

If you have a tank on your team especially ST heavy, it means you are vulnerable to EC, DBs, dex heavy tanks - especially archers. But really any fast ToA tank is probably going to kill you.

If you have a mage on your team you are vulnerable to AMF. If you're relying on AS to get your mage to melee you're laying yourself open to DM teams.

By laying yourself open to so many different attacks you're effectively lowering your battle by battle PR. If you simplify your main attack you are decreasing the amount of things that can damage you. Go tank and make AMF useless against you. Rely more on HP than AS and have no other enchantments and you make DM useless against you.

What you want to be doing is maximising your team's MPR/PR. If you can limit the ways another team can bring you down you are making yourself stronger. There are trade offs you have to live with but remember:

MPR is fluid. It changes from battle to battle. For instance if you have a large AMF on a team and you face a tank team you are smaller by the amount of MPR your AMF makes up. Try to create a team that stays as close to the same level battle to battle.

Now, I'm going to go and drink a very strong cup of tea and put some loud music on to take away the nightmare that was my working day!! :)

BootyGod September 6 2006 11:16 AM EDT

lol thanks for the parting words Johnny. But I do wish to remind everyone that my search is for the ultimate strategy. I know this isn't it, but revelations come at strange times. I just trying to trigger on by bouncing even semi-reasonable ideas off everyone.

Miandrital September 6 2006 6:13 PM EDT

I think part of the fun in CB is the fact that there is no Ultimate Strategy. You must constantly change your strategy to adapt to changes both to CB and to your opponents. I cant tell you how many times I have seen someon in the top 10 add a spell, remove a spell, change minion order, etc.

The best strategy that I can come up with is: Two minion ET with 477 AC on the tank along with a very large elbow and vb, training archery, str, dex, and a little hp. All AMF and TSA + MgS (TSA+ 50, MgS + 50) on the enchanter. This would negate all physical damage (Duh) , and reduce mage damage to virtually nothing for the entire fight. And yes, no tattoo would be needed.

Stephen Young September 7 2006 12:53 AM EDT

I'm pretty sure I own the ultimate strat. Problem is that it's very equipment needy and I don't have all of it yet. also, I don't have the time to burn every BA I get per day, so it's hard to see how well I'd do in the higher ranks.

I utilize CoC, and the usually hated UC. I use UC so that I can max my Axbow while staying under the weapon allowance to help against tanks. I use PL, AMF and AS to stay alive longer against mages. Tat of Jig gives me an amazing meat shield so I can stay alive longer against tanks. CoC works better than any other DD spell when you are trying to stay alive longer, so I'm using (or will be one day) the hybrid-high-AC-CoC-armor set that you can find in the Wiki (that I invented).

Eventually, the EETM strat will look like this:

Enchanter: 100% AS (best enchanter armor)
Enchanter: 25% HP - 25% PL - 50% AMF (Jigorakano Tat)
UC Tank 25% HP, 37% ST, 37% DX (HG, Gi, HoE, EC, EB, maybe BoM)
Mage: 50% HP, 50% CoC (MC, CML, AG, CoI, MS)

I'm also staying fast to the idea that one day Jon will change Jigs to be more effective. When that day comes, I will own.

miteke [Superheros] September 8 2006 9:38 AM EDT

I had a team like that.

ToE + CoC mage
Low dex + high strength tank, base prot, anti mage and str boost gear.
AS+DM mage
GA+AMF mage

It excellent until the tanks were pumped up. Then I found the battles went shorter and my CoC was not doing nearly as well. It OK enough but was not a killer strat. The tank teams just beat the [SNK3R Edit: Non-PG; fined $50K] out of me and finding mage teams with no tank or Jig or huge DB was becoming increasingly difficult. This strat is just too narrowly focused to do well in the top ranks. It would work fine for the lower ranks though, as there are plenty of opponents to choose from, but I was starting to find my pickings grow lean.

Also, with a CoC you want a long battle and DM is more tailored to making short battles. If you are building a mage killing CoC team, go AMF, not DM. DM is better with MM and FB.

I think a Wall + CoC(with ToE) + 1 or two EE would work better, particularly since seekers have been completely hosed. Stick the CoC mage up front with an AoI and he is close to invulnerable until everyone else is dead.
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