About buying BA. (in General)

QBOddBird September 11 2006 7:30 PM EDT

Which of these two is most efficient:

1) Buying all of my BA tonight at 11:50 PM Server Time, waiting until 6 AM Server Time and then burning it along with tomorrow's BA during EXP time; or

2) Burning today's bought BA like usual and tomorrow's during EXP time, and getting the BA that refreshes at night.

My BA refresh rate is 9/10 minutes right now, so I'd miss 324 refreshable BA tonight by buying today. I can buy a maximum of 648 BA, and I'd have 160 from today, so tomorrow during EXP time I would have 1456 total BA to burn, not counting the BA that refreshes during that time period.

My question is this: Which is more efficient? Buying today's and having tomorrow's seems most efficient, but with the refreshable BA that I'm missing, I'm not sure. So I'm asking you: Which?

[Note: If reward calculating master Avoid, who is my HERO until Wednesday as per our agreement would chime in, that would be greatly appreciated.] Thanks in advance!

Maelstrom September 11 2006 7:36 PM EDT

I used to buy all of Monday's BA at 11:50pm, then wait until morning to spend all of it, and all of Tuesday's. I stopped doing that after a minor rollback caused me to lose all the BA, and all the cash I spent on it. I think the same also happened to you last week, didn't it? Feel safe this week? ;)

But spending two days worth of BA during extra-XP time is definitely more efficient for gaining MPR. At least for me, since I sleep at night. Don't know about you... ;)

AdminG Beee September 11 2006 7:37 PM EDT

324 missed BA also equates to 972 clan points and associated bonus. Think of your clanmates...

QBOddBird September 11 2006 8:11 PM EDT

Beee - I make about 2500 CPs per day, and am consistently the MVP of our clan. =) Pretty sure those CPs won't make it or break it. (I have very few clan members to fight around my score, so I can't make a very large number of CPs yet without fighting down more than I am willing.)

Adminedyit [Superheros] September 11 2006 8:46 PM EDT

well would you spend the 324 refreshable BA normaly? if not then just because its exp time i'd say that buying at 11:50pm is the better option, as more BA during exp time means more exp. but thats just my stupid opinion. :8^)

QBOddBird September 11 2006 9:06 PM EDT

Yes - I would spend it normally. I'm currently getting all my BA, including at night.

QBsutekh137 September 12 2006 2:10 AM EDT

I have always found that "just play" is the best long term philosophy, and I don't even care about clans. The number 160 is abhorrent to me, and allowing it to exist on my account is an affront to all that is holy. Think of the children.

AvoidCXT September 12 2006 5:47 PM EDT

So you'll be trading 972 BA in regular time for an extra 648 in xtra xp time. As I hope everyone knows, xtra times are a 60% bonus to one reward, and a 60% penalty on the other. So if you listen to Sutekh and avoid 160 like it was CXT, you'll have 972 BA worth of cash, and 972 BA worth of xp. If you buy it and save it for xp time, you'd get 259.2 BA worth of cash and 1036.8 BA worth of xp. Those are the numbers, everything else is trivial.

QBsutekh137 September 12 2006 6:04 PM EDT

Avoid is smart with all those numbers and stuff. I wonder what it all means.

/me eats a cookie.
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