The Chat Challenge! (in Contests)

SNK3R September 14 2006 6:03 AM EDT

People who frequent Carnage chat now have a chance to win a little extra cash per day! I have created a script with a secret "magic word/phrase" per day. Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to talk in Carnage chat and hope you say the magic word that is associated with the current day. The more discussion you engage in, it's possible you will have a better chance to win some free cash for talking. DO NOT SPAM CHAT! Violators will be punished by either (a) ChatOPs, or (b) Admins.

Days are ranked with difficulty of words ranging from pretty easy (Monday) to pretty difficult (Sunday). In addition, for more difficult words, more money is awarded. New days/words begin at 12:00 AM PST (this is 3 hours behind server time). If you manage to say the correct CB word or phrase while chatting with your friends about the latest strategies, you will know it and be requested to contact me, so just follow the simple message.

Prices and days are as follows ranging from easy to difficult, respectively: Since it is Thursday right now, you have almost 24 hours to guess the word for today! Good luck, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 14 2006 6:04 AM EDT

Sweet contest! :D

It's a pity I'm not in chat so much. :'(

QBPit Spawn [Abyssal Specters] September 14 2006 9:42 AM EDT

is there a prize for breaking your script again? =D

BootyGod September 14 2006 10:34 AM EDT

Yes I have a question!

Will these words be any word known to man? Just English? CB related? Just English CB related?

Because if they are anyword in english I hosting a spelling bee =D

j/k ;)

SNK3R September 14 2006 10:39 AM EDT

For now, the words/phrase will be CB related to make narrowing the topic down easier.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 14 2006 12:30 PM EDT

beauty of a contest SNK, and to boot I'm all impressed that you've been able to alter the client for chat...

th00p September 14 2006 5:01 PM EDT

Manage Characters. I won!

SNK3R September 14 2006 7:04 PM EDT

Good job, th00p. The word for Thursday was, "Manage Characters". You earned $25K.

Good luck to everybody for the next round.

SNK3R September 14 2006 8:50 PM EDT

I've updated the script to include emotes as well.

A reminder that new words spawn into the script at 3:00 AM EST (Server) or 12:00 AM PST (west coast of U.S.) and last until (a) someone gets the phrase correct, or (b) the day ends and moves on to the next word.

Mem September 14 2006 8:53 PM EDT

Great idea for a contest, by the way. Glad I could help you think it up and test it out. I hope this brings more people to chat! :)

ThatOneMan September 14 2006 9:24 PM EDT

how do i download this script?

SNK3R September 14 2006 9:26 PM EDT

One does not download any script whatsoever. YOU PLAY THE CHAT CHALLENGE! ;)

SNK3R September 15 2006 6:15 PM EDT

Due to unforeseen events happening (me screwing something up, very, very, very badly), this contest is closed until I can re-code the script. Once back up, a new contest thread will be created to start it off again.

Sorry, everyone.

P.S. Avoid talking to me for the next few days as I will be unbelievably grumpy and ticked off.

Thrasher September 15 2006 7:47 PM EDT

Sounds bad :/

SuiteStuff [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] September 15 2006 8:39 PM EDT

well does your script tell you who says it, since if one person says it and the chat will announce it than everyone in chat would be able to pm you and tell u they got it when they really didn't!

SNK3R September 15 2006 8:44 PM EDT

A) The script announces who the winner is in public chat when the phrase is said.
B) The script shuts off after someone gets it correct.
C) PMing me the word still won't activate the script to make them the winner.
D) I log chat 24/7, so even if someone ChatMails me saying they got it, I can double check.
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