Tuesday MP3 Cheer Up (in Off-topic)

QBJohnnywas September 26 2006 10:40 AM EDT

My media player is on random and appears to be stuck in the Seventies.

For those who don't know, that was when I was a child. So I'm being reminded of the days before computer games, the days of Star Wars figures and Marvel comics, and the Six Million Dollar Man and Dukes of Hazzard on the tv....

Charlie Daniels Band - The Devil Went Down To Georgia
Bruce Springsteen - Rosalita
Blondie - Picture This
Fleetwood Mac - Dreams
The Eagles - New Kid In Town
Benny Hill - Ernie

That's the last six in a row.

So even though I'm holed up at home on the sofa with a chest infection I'm having to refrain from dancing around my front room!

What's on your player at the moment?

PirateKing September 26 2006 10:53 AM EDT

What's on my player? Nothing.

I pretty much have a "tin ear" so most music does not affect me one way or the other. The advantage of this is that I can tolerate environments that are awash in hideous music... The disadvantage is that I sit like a lump when someone makes me listen to some piece that is supposed to be brilliant.

I think U.S. Grant put it best when he said, "I only know two tunes. One of them is Yankee Doodle. The other, ain't."

InebriatedArsonist September 26 2006 11:06 AM EDT

The Tom Waits playlist currently rules my music player:

Gun Street Girl
The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me)
Tango Till They're Sore
Way Down in the Hole
Clap Hands
Lost in the Harbor

AdminG Beee September 26 2006 11:11 AM EDT

Six Million Dollar Man - that takes me back :)
My Last 6 were...

The Who: Love Reign O'Er Me
Eddie Cochran: Summertime Blues
Bright Eyes: Land Locked Blues
Paul Weller: You Do Something To Me
U2: Beautiful Day
REM: The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] September 26 2006 11:19 AM EDT

My playlist is a very strange thing. It is made of bands and songs that are impossible to match in any way.

Here are some of the songs on my playlist that I listen to regularly while at school...

Metallica-''The Other New Song''
Queen-''Bohemian Rhapsody''
Muse-''Knights of Cydonia''
Mindless Self Indulgence-''Insert Un-Pg Title Here'' :)
Various songs by The Russian Red Army Choir

These are some of my favorite ones. List would be bigger, but my disk space is limited here so, only these made the cut:(

AvoidCXT September 26 2006 11:30 AM EDT

Overclocked Remix - my favorite music, and what my play list is filled with.

Final Fantasy 6 'KefkaGoes Carnival'
Ninja Gaiden 'Ninjitsu Groove'
Bubble Bobble 'This is Not a True Ending (Asphyxiation)'
Zelda: Link 's Awakening 'Braving Tal Tal Heights'
Castlevania 2 'DarkMadnessResurrection'
Mega Man 'Circuit Breaker'

QBOddBird September 26 2006 11:30 AM EDT

Another one bites the dust
Smooth (as many have been hearing in chat lately)
The Kill
Some song about my ship setting sail by Shane&Shane, don't know the title.

I'm too lazy to look.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] September 26 2006 11:42 AM EDT

The Yellowcard album is currently in my CD drive while I do my induction essay which is in no way related to my course >.<

"The humanitarian situation in the Darfur region of Sudan is so serious that a United Nations peacekeeping force should be sent there immediately." Discuss

I'm doing an accounting course!

QBBarzooMonkey September 26 2006 11:44 AM EDT

I still don't have an MP3 player... I gave Mrs. Monkey one for her birthday this year (yes, it is what she really wanted...), but I still haven't gotten around to getting one for me...
So, my 5 disc changer currently has:

Honeymoon Suite - The Singles
Blues Masters, Volume 8: Mississippi Delta Blues
Pink - I'm Not Dead
The Rolling Stones - Beggar's Banquet
Scorpions - Animal Magnetism

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] September 26 2006 12:15 PM EDT

And all she bought you were Monkey socks right?

Typical unthoughtful present :P

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] September 26 2006 12:47 PM EDT

Looking at the pile of CDs by my player last 5 would be Thin Lizzy - Live and Dangerous (currently playing) The Pogues - probably un pg name Mazzy Star - So tonight that I may see The Birthday Party - Hits Tricky - Maxinquaye

BootyGod September 26 2006 4:29 PM EDT

Kryptonite, Eurythmics, Mexican Wine, like 2 System of a Down, and then... some stuff... never can remember names.

But those 5 are all in order and I hit back over and over again on them!

Thraklight Resonance September 26 2006 10:03 PM EDT

Porcupine Tree "Arriving Somewhere But Not Here"
Adem "These Are Your Friends"
Robert Wyatt "Sea Song"
Marah "Freedom Park"
Sufjan Stevens "Come On! Feel the Illinoise"
Artic Monkeys "Fake Tales of San Francisco"

Plus a couple of cds by Appalachian Death Ride that I've needed to listen to for a few years.

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] September 27 2006 5:29 AM EDT

All I have is the Beer Beer Beer song on my computer.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] September 27 2006 5:34 AM EDT

"I can't remember how much I have had."

That was my state during my attempt to chat up taken women last night, until I found out they were taken lol.

QBJohnnywas September 28 2006 9:07 AM EDT

Ah, it's Thursday and all the cows are singing

Moo- Ha!

And I've just heard the new Beck album....

And it's amazing........

Brakke Bres [Ow man] September 28 2006 9:23 AM EDT

a bit of holden and thompson
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