%hit calcs (in General)

miteke [Superheros] September 30 2006 4:28 PM EDT

How is the chance to hit calculated using dex vs dex? I did not see anything in the Wiki.

Miandrital September 30 2006 4:59 PM EDT

Nobody is really sure, since that is a very hard thing to test, due to the large number of factors involved. I am guessing that at equal dex you probably have a 50% cth, at 2:1 dex ratio, you probably have a 100% cth. But that is a wild guess.

AdminNightStrike October 1 2006 2:43 AM EDT

Ranger told me once that a DX of 5000 is needed to always double hit 20 DX enchanters.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 1 2006 1:48 PM EDT

Equal Dex used to give you 50% chance to land a single blow.

This was later changed by 1H and 2H wepaons.

It's generally thought now that this has changed to 37.5% for 2H wepaons and 62.5% for 1H.

Dex at maximum, allows you to land two hits per round.

miteke [Superheros] October 1 2006 2:39 PM EDT

So there is no formula yet?

I was wondering because an archer with something around 20% of my dex is reliably smacking my tank. To refine my tactics I wanted to know if it would matter if he had a lower dex since I suspect most of his hit chances are coming from the pluses. Or perhaps archers just work by different rules and dex is not as important. Perhaps it is not the dex ratio but the dex difference that matters? I jut don't know and can't find the info anywhere.

Miandrital October 1 2006 2:51 PM EDT

Archers seem to have different rules entirely, due to the recent changes. Since Archery now gives a percent to hit rather than a chance of a ranged round, I bet that is why you are still getting hit. Evasion is always a good option against ranged attackers :)

QBOddBird October 1 2006 3:42 PM EDT

Archery now increases the Bow's ability to hit from 20% to 100%. They're simply brought up to standard with other weapons with Archery.

So they act normally with Archery, and 20% of the normal CTH without it.

And if I'm not wrong, DX at best allows for a 100% chance of a single blow and a 60% chance of a second. PTH does the rest after that.
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