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Brakke Bres [Ow man] October 3 2006 6:59 PM EDT

Im closing my old character soon, it has roughly a month of NCB left.

So i want to start a new one:

I got the basic gear for my team.
What im thinking of are 2 damage dealers and 1 enchanter and 1 wall/enchanter. The tank will be light and the wall be light.
Im going for splash damage here with SoD and CoC
The CoC vs a single minion does major damage, the tank's job is to kill the E's as fast as possible and take hits. The PL minion reduces the damage taken from ranged combat.
I think this setup i have works well vs teams that use AoI on there mages and tanks (because those won't get hit but take splash damage) and vs EEET teams.

Here is the gear and the setup i have:

its an MWTE team and in that order.
Between the ( ) are stuff i don't have yet. But those item will give me tthe ideal setup for this team.

First up:
Mage 4/6 CoC 1/6 HP 1/6 Evasion (up to 50 evasion)
Gear ToE, AoI, cab (AGS and EBS)

Wall 1/5 PL 4/5 AS minor str, dex, EC
Gear MC, AoF (corn, EC, EBS, EGS)

Tank HP, STR, DEX, BL prolly split the exp up even, but less on the STR because of the items
Gear TSA, SC, Tulks, HoE, BoM Els, SoD (EBS, maybe AoM)

Enchanter 1/4 AMF 3/4 AS small evasion
MCM (corn, ebs, ec, egs)

Im going to forge up the stuff i have for a month mainly the weapons and armor of the tank, before beginning the new one.

What do you think?

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 3 2006 9:05 PM EDT

I don't think you're going to find using exp shot for fighting is feasible.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] October 4 2006 4:39 AM EDT

no, i have my suppliers.
And i do find exp shot in the stores.
So that is not the real question

Flamey October 4 2006 4:45 AM EDT

way too much xp dilution on the wall, you want PL, AS, ST, DX and EC, not going to happen.
if you want an effective "dodge-wall" you need natural HP as well.

no reason at all to have evasion on the 4th enchanter, it will be the last to be hit by physical damage, so there is no point.

train AMF/AS, 1/2 and 1/2, you already have AS trained on your wall, so you're already getting enough, and AMF is pretty important.

thats all i can think of up until now.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] October 4 2006 4:50 AM EDT

no flamey, the wall will train mainly PL and AS. in 1/5 4/5
Only like 3000 str, 3000 dex and a small EC of 3000.
This wall will confuse seeking Axbows and exbows in the first round.
The EC is for 20 str/dex mages and enchanters.
So the dilution is small.

And indeed the evasion on the last enchanter might be useless.

Flamey October 4 2006 4:56 AM EDT

your tank will still have more than the wall, so the ax/exbow will still seek for the tank, it seeks the highest ST/DX, afaik.

Kong Ming October 4 2006 5:33 AM EDT

1) Why place the PL minion in 2nd position? Is it to absorb any hits done to the mage and the last enchanter? With evasion and AoI, the mage shouldn't get hit often. This results in the PL minion getting hit and you will be wasting exp on PL then, unless its for FB attacks.

2) DM will own you since you depend so much on AS. Your HP is too low against DM teams, your mage and tank will die before melee. Why not train HP and PL on the 2nd minion?

3) You don't need evasion for the last minion, waste of exp.

4) You need to train more than 6.25% of your total exp into AMF.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 4 2006 6:11 AM EDT

What do you want your wall to do?

It's not a heavy AC wall. It's not a DEX/Evasion physical dodger. It's not a MgS magic absorber.

If it's just an AS enchanter, why have the second enchanter at the back?
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