I need some input on my main character. (in General)

[Unrivaled]Twist Of Fate [SeeD] October 17 2006 8:32 AM EDT

My main character Tybleo is an ETME and i need some input on how i might be able to make him stronger and more adept with the various strategies that are being used more often now with other characters. Here is what my home page looks like :)

Tybleo PR / MPR: 468,660 / 197,338 Max tattoo: 224,990

Your Minions
Lao EXP: 3,559 HP: 33,191/33,191 ST: 23/20 DX: 15/20 AC: 336
Phantom Link: 13,300/17,052 (23,940)

Impenetrable Scale Mail [40] (+66) (Named Adam)
Bloody Shawl [11] (+21) (Named SC)
Platinum Knickers [18] (+36) (Named CML's)
Gages Of Guile [6] (+15) (Named TG's)
Force Helmet [9] (+20) (Named HOD)
Ares' Shield [20] (+39) (Named Mithril Shield)
Benitoite Choker [0] (+18) (Named AoAC)

Ukun EXP: 3,553 HP: 108,299/108,299 ST: 78,808/56,292 DX: 83,875/56,292 AC: 224
Archery: 21,418/14,375 (1.00)

Hide Of The Naga [28] (+52) (Named MCM)
Robe of Swiftness [4] (+12) (Named EC)
Boots Of Aptitude [10] (+23) (Named EB's)
Gloves Of The Juggernaut [3] (+11) (Named EG's)
Pytho Mask [6] (+14) (Named HoE)
Shield Of Travesty [10] (+23) (Named BoM)
Painite Necklace [0] (+16) (Named AoAC)

8,307 Poisonous Shards [8x1] (+5) (Named Arrow)
Diamondback Ripper [80x500] (+50) (Named ELS)
String Of The Viper [6x1900] (+66) (Named ELB)

Amo EXP: 3,550 HP: 62,698/62,698 ST: 20 DX: 19/20 AC: 93
Magic missile: 96,521/76,604 (38,375) Antimagic Field: 76,604 (?)

A Mithril Chain Mail [28] (+48)
Shroud Of The Ethereal [6] (+12) (Named CoI)
Evasion Mukluks [0] (+180) (Named DB's)
Defiance Gauntlets [0] (+12) (Named AG's)
A Cabasset [3] (+8)
Thanatos' Charm [0] (+10) (Named AoI)

Ityani EXP: 6,639 HP: 20/20 ST: 20 DX: 20 AC: 29
Phantom Link: 50 (90) Ablative Shield: 63,062 (31,541)

A Pair of Leather Boots [4] (+9)
A Pair of Leather Gloves [1] (+10)
A Cabasset [3] (+2)
A Rune of Enlightenment lvl 20

Any help you guys could give me would be great even if you think i should unlearn and retrain. Lao and Ityani are both very newly added and don't have anywhere near as much exp trained into them as Amo and Ukun. This is why i have an RoE on Ityani.



Flamey October 17 2006 8:42 AM EDT

imo, ukun should have a TSA and an AoM, instead of what has currently, i can tell you that extra ST is pretty good, and i can tell you from experience, high AC tank is not necessary, you've already got a crap load of AC anyway.

I'm against the high AC on an enchanter, but that isn't really an enchanter so it wouldn't matter, you might want a bit more HP before adding more PL. you need health to stay alive. Also, your making all your NW and PR that comes from your wall useless, because you have PL trained, the damage absorbed does not get affected by AC, the damage being drained is only MM, which your last enchanter should take care of anyway. imo, train Evasion instead of PL, not as much as you have now, so you can have more AC, evasion allows you to live longer, takes more hits to kill your wall, less damage for your Mage and tank.

if your looking for tattoo choice, most probably an RoS on ityani is good.

also if you stick with PL, don't have high AC on that minion, if you have damage reduced by AC then by PL, your doing good, checkout Ranger's strat on an example of that type of damage reduction, that also involves an AoI on the PL minion.

if that doesn't make sense, its because its late, and I'm about to goto bed, someone else can explain if you don't understand something :P

Miandrital October 17 2006 1:08 PM EDT

Yup, Flamey is right.

Evasion on the wall, much more PL on Ityani, TSA and AoI or AoM on the tank. You could do well with any of the familiars, ToA or RoS for your strat.

[Unrivaled]Twist Of Fate [SeeD] October 17 2006 10:22 PM EDT

Thanks Flamey i appreciate the help, i took off the PL on Lao and put evasion instead. I am also looking to buy a TSA and AoM for Ukun and a Corn and AoI for Ityani.

Thanks again

--Twisted Fate--

Flamey October 18 2006 5:51 AM EDT

a lot of tattoos work with that strategy.

basically, you would use RoS for the basically double to HP, and DM resistance so your AS doesn't get fizzled.

SF would be for the ranged kill with archery and MM, works nicely.

though, FF, IF, and JKF won't work as effectively, ToA in theory should be good, but RoS seems better as of late, that is if you have more ED enchantments.

on a EETE, you'll see a lot of ED, most commonly, protection, GA, AS and VA, of which i have, so the RoS is very much effective, in my case.

get a base Protection, or have it somewhere with not so much exp, your looking at an effect of (4), (6), (8) those are not costly and are most effective, evidence given by Shade's tests with protection.

btw your strat is a WTME :P

UncleKracker October 18 2006 6:49 AM EDT

I'd strongly advise against an RoS as it places your team at a massively huge disadvantage against any team that doesn't pack large DMs.

Also, Flamey was only half right about PL / Evasion thing. PL will make your team stronger against mage teams, since a wall won't help you at all against MM and won't help much against FB. Evasion will help against teams without mages.

Flamey October 18 2006 8:01 AM EDT

i see your point UncleKracker, but you can't have everything and the purpose of a wall is to block damage so your damage dealer(s) can dish out damage.

Walls are for Physical Damage, that is why its in front, you could do that, but your disadvantaging yourself against Tanks and physical damage.

its the same thing of asking, why use AMF if it only works on Mages, when you can use GA instead for both physical and magical damage?

or, why use DB when they do not affect mages one bit?

people still do them, for their purpose, not to counter everything.

but good point indeedy :)

[Unrivaled]Twist Of Fate [SeeD] October 18 2006 9:55 AM EDT

A very high percent of the time my mage does from 0 - only 15 - 30k damage, i kinda get the feeling that it would be more worthwhile to turn him into an enchanter. What do you think?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 18 2006 10:41 AM EDT

"I'd strongly advise against an RoS as it places your team at a massively huge disadvantage against any team that doesn't pack large DMs."

Not true. The DM protection is only one facet of the RoS. It also adds 50% of it's level (or however much after the recent level changes) to the ED of the minion it's equipped on, and protects your own EO from your own DM.

So no massivley huge disadvantage if you don't face DM.

UncleKracker October 18 2006 9:52 PM EDT

Correct me if I'm wrong --
ToA gives 50% str, 33.3% dex, + to hit
Familiars give 100% in DD, 20% HP

RoS only gives 50% to ED... which fails in comparison to ToA that gives 83.3% of its lvl in bonus and familiars which give 120% of their lvl in bonus.

Or maybe the RoS doesn't add to the ED lvl but to its effect? Something makes me think that would make it too powerful.

Well I know I personally will never get an RoS which has an effect of 50% its lvl when I can get over 80% and 120% effect on other tattoos.

QBOddBird October 18 2006 9:54 PM EDT

Trust me when I say that's actually a HUGE advantage, even though it has a smaller %. Plus the fact that it allows you to use DM and AMF together.

chuck1234 October 18 2006 10:00 PM EDT

also, RoS dispels DM to a quarter of its level, which is another huge bonus in itself. The RoS is good, no question about it; but if you have a powerful weapon, then a ToA tank would be the way to go.
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