AMF Question (in General)

BootyGod October 30 2006 10:38 AM EST

Sorry, but I can't find it.

Does AC or Protection reduce AMF backlash? Because I didn't see anything about AC or prot in Help or in cbstuff.

If there is a place, a quick pointer in that direction would be nice :)

QBJohnnywas October 30 2006 10:44 AM EST

I think it's only the ToE that reduces it.

The way AMF backlash is set up is that it is damage at source. So your mage is inside his armour (which suggests protection being a barrier somewhere outside of a minion) and he starts hitting his opponent with FB and BAM that AMF zooms in really close to him and sends some of it right back at him before he has actually hit anybody else and before any of those damage reductions can get to work. The backlash is inside his armour.

The ToE on the other hand sets up an aura of 'Endurance' which is obviously at minion source.

QBJohnnywas October 30 2006 10:45 AM EST

Does any of that actually make sense? I'm just about to go home after a busy day at work.....

QBJohnnywas October 30 2006 10:49 AM EST

Anyway, think of backlash a bit like a gun backfiring. The bullet doesn't leave the gun, it blows up inside it. AMF backlash works the same way, which is why AC doesn't protect you from it.

BootyGod October 30 2006 10:53 AM EST

I get what your saying, but that doesn't seem fair to multi minion mages who use armor. AC should reduce basklash, along with protection. I mean, tanks get protected from GA by AC. So maybe GA should pass through armor?

QBJohnnywas October 30 2006 11:39 AM EST

GA is a magical force capable of doing physical damage. AMF is a manipulation of the mage's own DD spell. It isn't actually an attack as such...

AdminNightStrike October 30 2006 1:54 PM EST

Somehow, JW, I don't think that your descriptions are the driving factor behind gameplay decisions. :)

TheHatchetman October 30 2006 2:05 PM EST

JW's AMF is kinda screwing my team up. But I'm soon to acquire a ToE. That should help :-)

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 30 2006 2:44 PM EST

The ToE is a requirement for mages, putting AC on a mage is silly.
Even an RoS boosted AS isn't always enough to deal with the backlash
from large DD. Up high you're likely as not to see 200k a round being thrown back your way, a ToE can take that down to 50k, which is why it is in my opinion the only
way to keep a mage alive for 25 rounds when AMF is in play (to a decent level).
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