Make me a Manual for Cb (in Contests)

Hyrule Castle November 2 2006 10:18 PM EST

Looking for someone that could manage, to put all the info... of every item, and armor... in a format on Microsoft word. One that i may be able to print out... and take for some light reading... Get a little better understanding of the game... since the comp is not always available for me.

I don't know what the prize will be, since i don't know how long it would take for someone to make it... and i don't know if its gonna be like 100 pages that i would have to print. But it still would be a cool thing to have... like a manual :D

Thanks for your patience if you actually read it, and thanks a lot of you actually attempt to do so.

(i would just copy and paste... but that man not turn out as well as i expected and i dont have the time to do so.)

Everyones favorite castle... Hyrule!

Hyrule Castle November 2 2006 10:26 PM EST

O, a little clarification on the manual... i only need it to show, skills... and all the items... nothing else lol.(thats most everything)

[The Wretched]Freekie [Lower My Fees] November 3 2006 2:51 AM EST


I started and by the time i got through the Armor it was up to about 60k pages to print... sorry :(

AdminNightStrike November 3 2006 6:50 PM EST

wget + wiki should answer all your needs.

Hyrule Castle November 3 2006 7:27 PM EST

are you for serious... 60k... pages? just mean a lot of pages...

Miandrital November 3 2006 9:54 PM EST

If you use Firefox, and you don't want to spend the time to learn all of wget's features, you could always use DownThemAll, just navigate to the list of all created pages, and let downthemall work it's magic. I think it should work such that you have the full wiki (click-able links and all) on your hard drive.

Flamey November 3 2006 10:53 PM EST

i tried using dta, and i tried putting it in one document, or at least that is what i thought i did, turned out it saved all them in a separate document, big mess.
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