Need tank killer 3-minion strat for future NCB. (in General)

Gallatin [Thanoscopter And You] November 6 2006 8:32 AM EST

It's all in the title.

QBSefton [Black Cheetah Bazaar] November 6 2006 8:59 AM EST

I think you have two different ways to go. I personally like the first way, but I think a lot of people are warming up to the second way.

Minion #1 small EC with large AS
Minion #2 small decay with large GA
Minion #3 HP and MM wearing steel familiar

The small EC wipes out sweeper minions. The decay/GA hits them if they go DM or AMF. The dual MM's deal the damage.

The other way would be to build an evasion based team.

Minion #1 small HP and Evasion
Minion #2 small HP and Haste and small evasion
Minion #3 HP and CoC with a ToE and small evasion

Might need some native DX on minion #1 early on. The first minion dodges them with haste bolstered evasion. Since you have haste why not put a little evasion on the other two, just to protect from sweeper attacks.

The best thing about team 1 is it would offer some protection from mages, as GA can hurt the mages too. Team 2 is pretty much going to get chewed up by most mages although the ToE will help.

Just a few teams to a consider. Are they the ultimate teams, probably not, but certainly able to handle most tank teams.

Kong Ming November 6 2006 8:59 AM EST

Why not go for 4 instead? :p

I've got one for 4 minions which I'll implement when my nub finishes. Here it goes:

1st minion: Train evasion, base decay, AMF and a little haste (Wearing EBs, EC, EGs and an AoF)

2nd minion: Train HP, a little STR and DEX and PL (Wearing a executioner's sword and an AoI)

3rd minion: Train HP, BL, a little STR and DEX (Wearing MH, TGs, HoE, DBs and an AoI)

4th minion: Train HP, a little STR and DEX (Wearing katana, adam, SC, CML, TGs, HoD, MS and an AoAC) - Total AC: > 300

Needs lot of cash to buy all the equipmeny of course :p

1st minion helps to ensure archers have a tough time hitting and you will have the first strike in melee. FB and CoC mage damage will be spread out and reduce by armor, AMF and PL. MM mage damage reduce significantly by 4th minion.

Kong Ming November 6 2006 9:16 AM EST

I knew I forgot to add, ToA on the 3rd minion.

miteke [Superheros] November 6 2006 11:50 AM EST

I use the following strat and it works pretty good:

1: Mostly EC, decent PL, AoI
2: Huge AS, Small AMF, DBs, ToE (to get the AS huge) / RoE (once AS is huge)
3: Tank w/ AxBow, Mage Shield
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