TheoryBlender: What if CB... (in General)

TheHatchetman November 7 2006 12:28 AM EST

...had credit reports. Or feedback, like ebay. So that when giving/receiving a loan or buying/selling on a pp, you could tell, just how reliable this person has been...

Just my thoughts. And i would love to hear yours...

TheHatchetman November 7 2006 12:36 AM EST

It has been brought up that forums and transfer logs are a way of checking this, even asking for references... But forums are back-dated, and transfers are hard to find on really active characters (especially those that rent/rent out many items...). And as far as references go, wats to stop sum1 from making a few friends with good names, then using them as references, knowing they can't/won't live up to their side of a deal?

I had this idea looking at Pixel Sage's loans forum... I am an honest player/person, and I hope that you guys will all come to realise this... But there are a few, who aren't as honest, and people like Pixel Sage shouldn't have to be penalized, just for trying to help people...

Just my two cents

AdminNightStrike November 7 2006 12:52 AM EST

"The Monty Feature"

QBPixel Sage November 7 2006 1:46 AM EST

I was thinking of posting something similar to credits just for my loans, but haven't executed anything yet. I think that falls under theme engine in my priority list, and even that isn't very high (sad but true).
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