Old guy came back, would like some strat advice (in General)

Sukotto [lookingglas] November 7 2006 11:22 PM EST

Hi all, I've been out of the fighting game since... oh, January and pretty much out of CB entirely since sometime in the spring. So I'm really not up with current strats. So, anyone want to make some suggestions?

I'm looking for something well rounded for casual play (prob only one set of BA per day as I have quite a lot going on in real life these days). Perhaps reconfig Skucum or Top Hat rather than start new.

So, I have about $870k cb, and the following equipment

A Vorpal Blade[75x22] (+12)
A Set of Chain Mail Leggings[18] (+21)
A Tattoo of Augmentationlvl 41,918
A Jigorokano Familiarlvl 29,477
A Tattoo of Endurancelvl 11,833
A Rune of Enlightenmentlvl 20
A Lesser Fire Familiarlvl 2,118

Neither of my most powerful chars are particularly great.
Skucum: PR / MPR: 99,879 / 85,996, Max tattoo: 97,853

  1. Swiftly moving: EXP: 16,214, HP: 20/20, ST: 20, DX: 19/20
    Ethereal Chains: 18,991 (9,515)
  2. Tidal: EXP: 16,211, HP: 20/20, ST: 20, DX: 19/20
    Guardian Angel: 13,764 (?)
  3. Water: EXP: 16,208, HP: 20/20, ST: 20, DX: 19/20
    Antimagic Field: 58,202 (?), Vampiric Aura: 31,013 (?)
  4. Chuck: EXP: 16,216, HP: 60,339/60,339, ST: 20,979/20, DX: 31,709/19,901
    Bloodlust: 8,931/9,502 (0.60)

Whereas Top Hat: PR / MPR: 49,006 / 49,006, Max tattoo: 50,386,

  1. Classy: EXP: 27,028, HP: 40,000/40,000, ST: 20, DX: 19/20
    Fireball: 52,000 (5,183), Antimagic Field: 11,582 (?)

So, given what I have to work with, what team would you pick, and in what direction would you take it? I'm open to buying/ditching characters. Though the $357,269 cost of a new minon for Top Hat is a large percentage of the money I have available

I'm open to starting a new team, but since I'm only a casual player, it seems pointless to start a ncb

Flamey November 7 2006 11:24 PM EST

you may as well start a NCB, what is stopping you? its extra EXP. By the sounds of it, you wont be buying BA.

You may want to give us better guidelines on what type of strat you want, right now, we could offer you anything, which is a lot.


Xenko November 7 2006 11:36 PM EST

I'd say that since you are not going to be extremely dedicated to the game, that an inexpensive setup (ie: not tank) would be advisable as it seems unlikely that you want to spend a lot of money on equipment.

As I have only ever run tank teams, this is where my advice ends. So unless you want to invest some serious cash, I'd go for some sort of mage team.

QBOddBird November 7 2006 11:40 PM EST

Do something fun with it.

If you aren't going for the top...well, why not? ^_^ And even so, it's a game, designed around the concept of enjoyment and entertainment.

Never believed in your Jig's fighting prowess? Toss it on there with some Haste and GS or something, I dunno.

Always wondered if you could have a wall/tank single minion? Try it!

I dunno, I'm all for the 'fun' aspect of the game. Do that. Woohoo.

Sukotto [lookingglas] November 7 2006 11:51 PM EST

Right, I am not willing to commit to playing every BA or spending real money at this time. I just have too much going on (new job, new baby, friend's marriages imploding, etc) to play very much, But I miss it and want to at least play a little again.

It's hard for me to be more specific right now. I have some rare equipment, a character with some xp to re-distribute, and a desire for a generalist team. (I'd like something that isn't focused on killing just tanks, or just mages or just [whatever is popular these days]).

I thank you for you comments so far and will check again tomorrow to see if anyone's added to them.

QBOddBird November 7 2006 11:56 PM EST

Two words for the generalist team.

Evasion and AMF.

Yes, I know I can't count. But this unnumbered series of words does wonders.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 7 2006 11:58 PM EST

Setup a 4 minion team with an AS minion boosted by the RoE, use the RoE's bonus to make up for the BA you miss...think cb1 style setups! Then toss the JKF on for a 5th minion!

QBSefton [Black Cheetah Bazaar] November 8 2006 2:10 AM EST

My advice if you want to be a casual player is set up brand new NCB. Start with 4 minions. Make it a mage team.

Sell the ToA and buy an AoI (Amulet of Invisibility)
Train in this order

#1 wears ToE and AoI trains 1/3 HP and 2/3 MM

(nod to Ranger here, he swears by MM I want to believe CoC is better though because if not here when is it ever better? He will say never, and that makes me sad)

#2 wears any high AC armor you can find/have Trains HP

#3 trains 1/3 AMF 2/3 AS

#4 trains 1/5 PL and 4/5 HP

Then you can dabble a little, maybe a little EC somewhere, maybe some evasion on the wall, slip a base Decay somewhere, base protection perhaps, certainly nothing to say you should do this or that, but its part of the "fun" maybe one little tweak will beat one more opponent.

It will make money, it will raise up your ToE, and if you ever say I am serious now, once the NCB runs out you start another NCB tank team :) You will need the $$$ is you want to go tank. Even if you say forget NCB for now, it makes the same amount of money, just not as quickly (NCB allows you to add MPR faster which allows you to fight higher more quickly)

Is this the best 4 minion mage team strategy ever invented, no it is not. But A strategy suggestion is better than no suggestion at all. I am sure there are 50 other mage team strategies of equal power, some better at tanks than this one, some better at mages than this one, but it is a place to start.

deifeln November 8 2006 7:20 AM EST

Fight with your current teams to make some CB for a NCB run. Start NCB run AFTER next change month is over.

Sukotto [lookingglas] November 8 2006 9:28 AM EST

Thanks for the advice and comments everyone. I'll think about what I want to do (and keep checking back here if anyone else weighs in)

AngryZac November 8 2006 8:27 PM EST

This may not be the best strat out there, but you can go with a the NCB, and go half HP, half FB single minion. Or you can lean more towards FB if you wish (most players seem to). I was gone for a couple months, and when I got back my fight list was almost current. You can get heavily farmed, but doesn't seem like you'll be in a clan anyways, and there are plenty of characters that are beatable with just raw power. Maybe sell some of your rares, and buy some more mage items if you want to do well. It's cheap, and has lasted the test of time so far...Oh, one last thing, used to have an ROE equiped before I sold it, and bought the FF. Honestly, since my FF is much lower than my char, there isn't a ton of difference between the FF and ROE, so I'd say it's up to you. Could also go with the MCM, and other mage armor like that too.

Hyrule Castle November 8 2006 8:43 PM EST

First off i would like to say, welcome back Sukotto!

My advice, since you don't have much time, would be one of 2 setups.

First one would be a Single fire ball mage (NCB). They are fairly inexpensive to run, and easy to burn ba with. All you really need is a pair of AGs and train FB and HP, and u got probably one of the easiest strats to work with in the game. Its what i've always done, and it's fairly cheap. I would Equip the ROE on him so he gets beefed exp. Your character can grow rather quickly. And can pull in some good money, since you don't have to buy arrows, or constantly upgrade your armor to stay alive.

The second setup would be a Single minion with Unarmed Combat... And maybe Evasion. I have never made a person with UC, but if you equip that ROE, and make him a NCB, you will get getting some pretty good experience... and since you don't have to buy him a weapon... all you really will need is his armor. Which i believe is a combat GI, and ... Ebs or something. The GI is fairly inexpensive, the the Eb's may cost you a bit. Nothing selling some of your other items wouldn't fix. And Eb's aren't essential.

But i find that one of them 2 strats would work for you. Since you don't have much time devoted to the game. Due to RL Things.

Well i hope you enjoy being back, and good luck!

QBOddBird November 8 2006 10:51 PM EST

If you pull off a single minion with UC and Evasion, I'll tip my hat to you and send you lots of money and call you 'sexy' in Chat. Hehe. ~_^

UncleKracker November 9 2006 10:26 PM EST


AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 10 2006 3:11 AM EST

OB, should I unretire 'Violet Bier of Sorrows'? My Single UC minion.

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