Buggy Looking Character (in General)

Yukk November 11 2006 7:49 PM EST

There's a minion with 1/2M st & 1/4M dex
on a char that has MPR of 19 and PR of 284.
ST: 466,773, DX 277,268.
The NW is huge too and apparently just the ToA should give 100k PR.

Gilgamesh2090 is the player Imp the char.

Lans said it looks buggy to him too and asked me to report it.

Hyrule Castle November 11 2006 7:57 PM EST

he hasn't logged in, for over a month... maybe something just went wrong when the server went down...

either way, if he gets banned/reset... dibs on the items and cash :P

Flamey November 11 2006 7:59 PM EST

that tattoo gives the right amount of ST and DX for the level of it.

should be adding more PR.

or his max tattoo level should be way smaller and his tat not adding any PR, but his ST and DX is still way too high.

AdminNightStrike November 11 2006 9:11 PM EST

Max Tat is based on trained + untrained XP.

Flamey November 11 2006 9:20 PM EST

his PR should be way higher then.

AdminNightStrike November 12 2006 12:23 AM EST

The PR calculation was changed. It's on a sliding scale now such that at low levels, it increases less but means. At high levels, it increases more quickly, but means less. I did the same thing with a character with 400k untrained XP.

Karn November 12 2006 1:03 AM EST

I have talked to Gilgamesh lately and the reason he has not been playing is that he will be graduating soon and has been busy.
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