Black Market Voting Guide: Cornuthaum 11/13 (in General)

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] November 13 2006 8:45 AM EST

Cornuthaum 8 86 90.7%
Nobody voted last week... but this has the 2nd highest # of votes, and takes fewer votes to spawn than the MH.
Let's get this one spawned! And remember to vote this time.

Flamey November 13 2006 3:10 PM EST

Cornuthaum 18 86 79.1%

ummm, I'll get my vote in later, see what everyone wants ;)

Xenko November 24 2006 7:37 PM EST

EC looks to be the next item to do, as it already has 42 of 86 votes.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 24 2006 7:45 PM EST

a vote EC and a request
for SC from me!

Miandrital November 24 2006 7:46 PM EST

I'll go along with novice, SC for me.

Flamey November 25 2006 2:06 AM EST

Elven Cloak 52 86 39.5%

go with the crowd, SC.

AdminNightStrike November 25 2006 9:56 AM EST

Why an elven cloak? I've been trying to sell a base one, and no one seems to want it.

Xenko November 25 2006 10:05 AM EST

Where have you been trying to sell this EC NightStrike? There have been no EC auctions in 2 weeks, and I can't find a FS/WTB post in forums for an EC from you in November?

AdminNightStrike November 25 2006 10:09 AM EST

In chat and responding to posts requesting one. I'll toss it in auctions and see what happens.

Xenko November 25 2006 10:23 AM EST

No wonder you can sell your EC:

Most recent auctions for base EC:
An Elven Cloak [4] $4,840 $900,000 October 22 2006 3:57 AM EDT
An Elven Cloak [4] $4,840 $992,250 October 25 2006 11:09 AM EDT
An Elven Cloak [4] $4,840 $1,100,000 November 6 2006 3:46 PM EST
An Elven Cloak [4] $4,840 $900,000 November 9 2006 7:08 PM EST
An Elven Cloak [4] $4,840 $992,850 November 10 2006 7:12 AM EST
An Elven Cloak [4] $4,840 $945,000 November 11 2006 4:26 PM EST

The min bid on your EC auction: $1,350,000

You're at least $250k over market price. No one will buy it that high unless they are really desperate.

Xenko November 25 2006 10:23 AM EST

Err, that should be CAN'T in the first line of my post....

Adminedyit [Superheros] November 25 2006 11:02 AM EST

Elven Cloak 56 86 34.9%
I'll say SC for novice as well.

AdminNightStrike November 26 2006 11:11 AM EST

If it's scarce enough that it requires a blackmarket to spawn, then it should cost more.

Xenko November 26 2006 11:14 AM EST

But if it is too expensive, people spawn it with black market to bring the price down a little... or at least keep it stable.

QBOddBird November 26 2006 11:15 AM EST

I'm requesting SC as well.

Xenko November 26 2006 11:16 AM EST

/me hops on the bandwagon

I'll put my vote in for the SC after this EC is spawned

AdminNightStrike November 26 2006 11:22 AM EST

Bring the price down? By your account, the price is already below a million. I paid almost 1.2m for mine. I want the price to stay higher if I can't even break even on it. The BM should be used for things that really are scarce, not an EC.

Xenko November 26 2006 11:35 AM EST

Just because you paid too much for something, doesn't mean that's what it's value is. The highest price I could see in auctions for a base EC was $1.1 million... the average price paid is lower than that. People obviously want an EC, and they want to pay market price for it. Not $350k over market price, especially when one is on the horizon to spawn in BM.
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