An idea for change month (in General)

Hi im Jake November 13 2006 8:29 PM EST

what if we added a little more looks.....

say we made pictures for the diffrent types of wins and losses

win with ease: a guy standing on another with triumph

win with difficulty: one guy down another with a black eye(or something like that)

stalemate:Two guys who have there swords locked

lose valiantly: one guy kneeling another with his hands in the air with the scent of victory

lose humility: one guy lying on the ground with a bumb on his head and another laughing at him.

now i think that the people of cb need to make these pictures and make a contest for each picture with like 500k prize from mr. chairman, the pictures themselfs can be hand made or on the computer but make a poll to decide a winner. they would have the abililty to turn them of and they should change every so often and the process would start over.

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] November 13 2006 8:33 PM EST

If i'm not mistaken, pictures have been stated long ago as being a no-no because it increases server load too much...

Hyrule Castle November 13 2006 9:19 PM EST

it sounds like a good idea, in theory that is... the only way i see it happening is if its stick figures, in which case i would reduce rewards for contest... to 20k?

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] November 13 2006 9:23 PM EST

Lol, stick figures, text rpgs....sound familiar to anyone?

Miandrital November 14 2006 12:45 AM EST

I don't so much agree with the picture idea, but I think the 'quality of win' aspect is something that is really interesting. You could have bigger rewards for a better win and vice versa. That would raise the question of what determines a good win vs a bad win, and that could be decided by the end HP of the minions or something along those lines.

Gender Bender November 14 2006 2:08 AM EST

That could affect the gameplay much more than you think. If a 500k pr char were to attack a 200k pr char, it would be considered an easy win and the bonus would probably cancel out (or close to) the money you lost by attacking such a lower pr'd character.

I think introducing something like fatigue into the game would be cool. The more you fight the more tired you are, the more susceptible you may be to _____ . Fill in the blank with whichever idea you wish! :)

th00p November 14 2006 2:45 PM EST

It already is like that...

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] November 15 2006 12:06 PM EST

Oh great, who let GB back into CB? ;P

QBOddBird November 16 2006 12:23 AM EST

Gender Bender: I've just now implicated this suggestion into the game code, without Jon's permission.

You may fill in the blank with 'Carpal Tunnel Syndrome'.

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