Auction XML (in General)

AdminNightStrike November 18 2006 6:09 AM EST

Does anyone else use the Auctions' XML RSS feed? It's filled with largely unnecessary "&nbsp" tags, which foul up the titles, making the feed difficult to read. How do you address this?

AdminNightStrike November 21 2006 3:58 AM EST


Miandrital November 21 2006 4:17 AM EST

Don't use FF's RSS reader, it isn't the greatest. If you use a personalized google homepage I would suggest using the google reader, it seems to work well.

Sukotto [lookingglas] November 21 2006 8:36 AM EST

I use
Don't bother with the auction feeds though since I don't need to know about every Tulwar that gets put in there.

T'would be nice if we could build dynamic feeds.

something like:
any auction for Exp shots, Elven gear, or Morgs will show up. Perhaps with an update on each bid and a final warning 60 minutes before the auction ends.

AdminNightStrike November 24 2006 6:20 AM EST

Does the google reader blend into firefox?

Miandrital November 24 2006 7:30 PM EST

No, but if you setup up a personalized google homepage you can use that.
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