Two minion ED Tank set up (in General)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 23 2006 10:30 AM EST

Something I've just considered.

Two minion team

1: PL, HP, AMF, Haste. Using an AoI, RoS, VB.

2: UC, HP, DM, GS. Using an AoF, EC, EG, EB, Gi, SoD.

UC gets pumped by the Elven gear and the AoF, and the UC minion gets increased Stats from GS/Haste from the AoF.

Minion 2 will be your target minion, Evasion from boosted UC and higher DEX and AC.

The RoS is there to protect your Haste/GS.

You also get an invisible smaller Tank, with a VB to make up for the smaller STR.

MissingNo November 23 2006 10:40 AM EST

VB doesn't really do that much. Sure it cuts through endurance and AC, but its pretty low damage. And I think RoS only protects the spell on the minion that has it equipped, so it could only protect Haste or GS and not both. Also, with a RoS, you're unable to equip a familiar, which would do much more damage than your first mini-tank.

MissingNo November 23 2006 10:53 AM EST

And since the main damage dealer is a UC tank, wouldn't it need HGs, which would make it unable to wear EGs and further lower its DX?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 23 2006 11:03 AM EST

EG wouldn't help the Dex gain from Haste! ;)

The elven stuff would be to pump UC in combination with the AoF as high as possible. ;)

While HG provide an increase tot he effect, they don't increase the base level, so don't increase the Evasion given.

EG + AoF would. ;)

Just a tohught I had bouncing around. :)

Kong Ming November 23 2006 11:06 AM EST

Do you really need that much haste to use the RoS to boost it? I would rather invest in AS :p The combat Gi will penalise the DM and GS that you train on the UC minion.

MissingNo November 23 2006 11:13 AM EST

UC damage is already weak as it is. I don't think it'd be a good idea to sacrifice some more damage in order to have a little higher evasion.

Kong Ming November 23 2006 11:15 AM EST

Maybe this would be better:

1: PL, AMF, AS. Using an AoI, RoS.

2: UC, HP, STR, a little DEX, DM. Using an AoF, EC, HG, EB, Gi, HoE, SoD.
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