What Concerts have you seen this past year? (in Off-topic)

Shark November 25 2006 4:12 AM EST

Well heres my list; ( not in order of appearance )

Depeche mode
Duran Duran
Elton John
Green day
Neil Diamond
Gwen Stefani
Black Eyed Peas
Gloria Estefan
Sarah MacLachlan
Nine Inch Nails
Rolling stones
Motley Crue
Van Halen
Blue Man Group
Mariah Carey
The Who
Trans Siberian Orchestra

Coming up soon

Mannheim Steamroller
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Eric Clapton

some of the shows I only worked while I watched,
most of them I got to actually see and enjoy.
Of course, I have an inside deal and I don't need tickets,
All in all since last September it's been a really really great experience for an old guy like me to get to see some of the ones that I grew up listening to. And a few of them I will probably never get to see again. I would have to say though that Paul McCartney was the only old timer I had never seen and made my whole year a blast..I hope I have this job until I can't hear anymore :)
As some of us get older the music we loved when were younger becomes even more precious to us..To be able to actually see and here the music is an awesome experience..Seeing The Who this past weekend ( we officially renamed them The Who's Left) was icing on the cake..It reminds us of a time that has past but still lives on forever indelibly etched into our souls. A simpler time when things were not so complicated ....It sent me back 30 years to 1977..Tellling my age now :)
and p.s. Spellchecker doesn't like many of these names

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] November 25 2006 9:29 AM EST

Download Festival
Bulldog Bash

I would list the bands but it would be too huge >.<

Shark November 26 2006 7:24 PM EST

guess no one here but Zog gets up from behind their computers long enough to go do anything else :)...and life goes on

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 26 2006 7:27 PM EST

Bouncing Souls
it's been a lazy year...what do you want from me...

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] November 26 2006 7:31 PM EST

lol Shark, that was only 2 weekends :P
I decided, what's the point in spending lots of money on individual gigs and wasting precious time when you can spend lots of money to see most of them in a single place?

Shark November 27 2006 1:34 AM EST

heh :) ,I find that I am overcome with sleep too many times at the large jam fest like the Texas Jams or the Lollapalooza's that use to come to Dallas and San Antonio ( don't know why yet anyone would want to go to San Antonio to do anything ) .Since I work for an arena now ,Houston Toyota Center to be exact, I find every chance I can to get out from behind the scenery and often end up stage left and right down in front :) Theres no other place like it ..so if any of you ever get a chance to go to work for your local sports and/or entertainment facility don't pass it up :)

QBsutekh137 November 27 2006 10:04 AM EST

Let's see...

Alkaline Trio
Bowling For Soup
Regina Spektor
They Might Be Giants
Vienna Teng

I think that was all for this year...

Shark, how was The Who this time 'round?

th00p November 27 2006 7:07 PM EST

So, wait. You saw Gwen Stefani and Metallica concerts in the same year... WTH?!?!

Shark November 27 2006 8:45 PM EST

I work for Houston Toyota Center and yes I see all kinds of things...Gwen was entertaining the same as Metallica...It's a show and besides Gwen was nice to look at :)

Continuum November 28 2006 3:16 AM EST

Sounds like you either go to the concerts for the sake of going to concerts, or you like a lot of different types of music =/

Continuum November 28 2006 3:18 AM EST

Ignore the last post, didn't read it properly.. -.-

Nixon Jibfest November 28 2006 9:47 AM EST

Sarah MacLachlan??? What's up with that?
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