scytale/Hyrule_Castle loan deal (in Public Record)

ScY November 25 2006 12:57 PM EST

i am loaning 4M from hyrule with a 1% weekly intrest rate to be added starting in one week

confirmed..please confirm

Hyrule Castle November 25 2006 1:01 PM EST

i confirm sending the money to Sanquinaria Canadensi

Hyrule Castle November 25 2006 6:58 PM EST

Interest will be compounded Dec 2. (saturday) at

Hyrule Castle December 2 2006 1:49 PM EST

It is now 1 week from loan

Original balance: 4,000,000
Interest 1%: 0,040,000
New Balance: 4,040,000

Hyrule Castle December 6 2006 4:02 PM EST

anyone know where scytale went, he hasnt been on since nov 28... :'(

Shooto December 6 2006 8:44 PM EST

Doesn't mean you get to stop paying. I wish it worked that way.

Hyrule Castle December 9 2006 1:22 PM EST

Old Balance: 4,040,000
Interest 1% 40,400
NewBal : 4,080,400

Where are you Scytale?!

AdminNightStrike December 9 2006 2:34 PM EST

You can email him.

ScY December 10 2006 2:46 PM EST

sry.. i thought that i could play and live in RL at the same time.. i was mistaken

This should pay for the debt.. you can sell it or do whatever you want with it. Sorry.

{scytale} (Sanquinaria Canadensi) Hyrule Castle (Faytal) A Rune of Solitude ($18782316) 2:45 PM EST
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