New York for 7 pairs of jeans... (in Off-topic)

AdminG Beee December 1 2006 1:52 PM EST

What's going on with the crazy $ and exchange rate?

I can get a flight to New York direct from the UK for ~260 UK pounds sterling (GBP). If I buy 7 pairs of Levi 501 jeans when I arrive they'll cost me ~126 GBP.
If I buy the same 7 pairs in the shops here they will cost me ~420 GBP.

I rekon I can fly to the states and come back with a suitcase full, sell them for a little bit cheaper than the shops, and I've just bagged a free flight. If I take two suitcases I can pay for my hotel and food too :)

QBOddBird December 1 2006 1:55 PM EST

Sounds like a plan! (if you *WANT* a free flight to New York, that is.)

QBJohnnywas December 1 2006 1:56 PM EST

That's the way it always used to be. I used to have to go to New York a lot in the early 90s and I always bought my jeans there. But it's more about the price of jeans in the UK compared to the States than the exchange rate. The mark up here is ridiculous..

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 1 2006 2:10 PM EST

I can see the invasion of UK'ers on the dole coming in

InebriatedArsonist December 1 2006 2:26 PM EST

The dollar to pound sterling ratio has certainly grown a bit lately, which normally leads to cheaper imported goods on your side. Those infernal taxes that drain the life out of your economy are mainly responsible for the price increase, seeing as the VAT, importation duties and sales taxes soak up a substantial amount of buying power.

AdminG Beee December 1 2006 2:31 PM EST

Oh, I know all the reasons. I've just never thought about it in terms of clothing before. I mean, 7 pairs of jeans...

$1m CB costs me less than 2 beers at a pub in Edinburgh now.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 1 2006 2:45 PM EST

Guys, we had first hand experience of this when we went out to get married.

We bought 'named' T shirts for 10-15 Dollars, that would have cost use 30-40 quid here.

We put so much of a mark up on clothes...


InebriatedArsonist December 1 2006 2:46 PM EST

That welfare state won't pay for itself, GL.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 1 2006 2:49 PM EST

Nothing to do with the tax the government gets IA. It's the mark up the stores place on items.

It's just pure profit for them. :(

Tezmac December 1 2006 2:52 PM EST

Same way in New Zealand too. One of my buddies used to take a suitcase of running shoes and jeans back with him every time he went back over to give to his family and friends.

th00p December 1 2006 6:38 PM EST

GB: If you're flying into NY to start smuggling pants back to Europe, at least visit me! I'm no more than 1h drive (including traffic) from the two major airports.

QBJohnnywas December 1 2006 6:47 PM EST

There you go G, that's your hotel and food taken care of :)

bartjan December 1 2006 7:01 PM EST

Are all airport and related taxes included in this price?
Do you declare those jeans at customs, or do you wear all 7 pairs at the same time and pray they don't notice?

QBJohnnywas December 1 2006 7:06 PM EST

Now there's a funny image you've just put into my head that's a good one....;)

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] December 2 2006 8:59 AM EST

Well with that final wrinkle I guess you have to up your game plan. I propose you fly to the states buy a largish yacht sail home with a ton or so of jeans and on arriving home sell both jeans and yacht.Rinse and repeat.Retire at earliest convenience .

Miandrital December 2 2006 4:03 PM EST

Reminds me of this Youtube video.

Imagine passing through airport security with all that on :P
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