Need help finding a player that quit (in Off-topic)

DAWG December 1 2006 2:59 PM EST

I am wondering if anybody in the community knows this member "EPIK A New Born Legend", he quit a while back but I didn't notice till it was too late. I have emailed him multiple times with no response. If any of you know him or know of any other way to get in touch with him please let him know that if he can to log back on to CB and transfer my RoE back to me. I let him borrow it as a favor and he was suppose to transfer it back when he didn't need it any more. I am sure he just forgot about it so no hard feelings but it would be nice to get it back.

Here is also a list of his previous names:

CB1 Fukei Slamslice until October 10 2006 9:33 PM EDT
Slamslice yeap from cb1 until July 14 2006 10:51 PM EDT
Shelias' Man Zero until June 8 2006 1:29 AM EDT
Sehlias' Man Zero until January 22 2006 3:51 PM EST
Zero Slamslice until December 23 2005 1:16 PM EST

Thanks for your help in advance.

QBOddBird December 1 2006 3:07 PM EST

Pretty sure I have him added on AIM but I don't know which one is him....

th00p December 1 2006 6:44 PM EST


Sir Leon [Soup Ream] December 1 2006 9:21 PM EST

Slam doesn't have AIM, he has yahoo.

I've emailed him for you Dawg. :)

QBOddBird December 1 2006 9:26 PM EST

Guess I should've just said 'Instant Messenger' then. xP

DAWG December 2 2006 12:50 AM EST

Thank you very much guys for trying I will keep my fingers crossed...
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