Tracking User Stat (in General)

BootyGod December 4 2006 11:08 AM EST

Basically, whenever there is a "Doing something for 1 year" I would like to see a "Doign something sense Start of Cb2".

Not replacing, but an add on. I mean, CB has been going on for almost 2 years now.

Does this already exist and I can't find it? Or?

Flamey December 4 2006 2:58 PM EST

It doesn't exist, but 1 year is long enough, we know that the Jan 05'ers would just rule it, so there is no point. On 1 year, it gives some a chance who would spend that long on a game.

bartjan December 4 2006 3:03 PM EST

CB2 exists for almost 2 years now, and you can specify any arbitrary time period, so why not ask the stats for a 2 year period?

BootyGod December 4 2006 3:10 PM EST

How can you do that?

Flamey December 4 2006 3:11 PM EST

It's not hard to implement it, that way, its just showing the statistics it has, I think.

bartjan December 4 2006 3:15 PM EST

When you hover over a stats link, you should notice something like '1+year' in the status bar. The rest is trivial.

QBsutekh137 December 4 2006 3:59 PM EST

Great tip! I didn't realize the URLs had the parameters in them, thought they called javascript functions...

Weird, my numbers don't change for 1 year vs. 2 years... Ah, wait, that's because my old clan doesn't exist... Making the queries run over a longer interval is going to let the older/oldest clans dominate, since clan points disappear of the clans you used to be in no longer exist! *smile*

AdminJonathan December 4 2006 4:00 PM EST

yeah, that's why the "official" tallies stop at a year
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